DCU Superman Book Club Week 2: Action Comics: Last Son

@moro Given that Last Son debuted in the same year as Superman Returns (2006), I’ve always thought the s-shield on Superman’s belt was Kubert’s tip of the hat to that element of Brandon Routh’s costume. It could be pure coincidence, but I see it as a tribute.

I too loved that spread you highlighted. It was expertly done by an expert.

Thanks for your thoughts =)


I guess I better get reading

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@Don-El Velkommen! Good things come to those who wait.

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Wow, finding all the pieces of that story was a tad harder than I thought it would be, I had to keep coming back to this thread for the next clue.

Interesting how the story mirrors Superman 2’s plot. At times Zod and others seem to be saying exact lines from the film, which worked.

A wild, cataclysmic romp! All heroes of Earth imprisoned, then once Luthor’s plan unfolds, Kryptonians are killed of and literally splattered like bugs- over the top from the usual comic book fare where villains are injured and imprisoned but not wholesale slaughtered. A similar end as I recall happened at the end of the more recent story where Kryptonians came back and populated an Earth in our planet’s orbit but on the other side of the sun.

To answer question 1 above, I am a fan of Donner’s Superman movies, and I enjoy comic series where he is in the background or even where Lois is drawn like Margot Kidder etc.

For the second question, I don’t really see it as a movie script myself, just a neat opportunity for a famed screenplay writer / director to do a comic book story for us to enjoy.

  1. As a Dad, and a son, I really related to Pa Kent’s wish to go into space and also to Clark’s desire to make that dream come true.

The story overall was ingenious, the plot holds together well as does the fictional world they create from the usual Superman Comic Book Mythos. I rate this a solid 9.0. I’d give it more, but they should have been nicer to the Legionnaire…

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  1. Last Son is the first of two stories in Action Comics written by Johns and Donner, with the other being Escape From Bizarro World (#'s 855-857 for those curious). What’s your assessment of this particular story? Did it make you want to check out their subsequent work on the book?

:clap: It was great! There were lots of familiar names and references I see in the Krypton TV series: Dev-Em, Dax Ur, Colu, Krypton’s moon.

Sure, I’d check out some more of their work. I chuckled when Zod called Lois Lane a “pet”. We are fragile humans indeed.

  1. Given Richard Donner’s involvement, can this story be seen as the Superman movie of his that never was?
    Not sure.

  2. Action #847 is a companion issue to Last Son, an intermezzo if you will, written by the legendary Dwayne McDuffie. How do you feel this fits into the overall hierarchy of Last Son?

It was a good break from the main story. For me, it was the most memorable issue in the arc.

Excellent story! I love Supes! Great pick @Vroom


Thanks for your insights @Don-El and @JL. I’m glad you enjoyed the story :slight_smile:

Thanks again to everyone else that commented as well and to everyone for checking out this week’s selection.

Week 2 is officially concluded. Look up in the sky for Week 3 soon…

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