DCU Superman Book Club Week 13: Superman and Shazam!

Feel the magic and hear the thunder! Watch out villains, you’ll be torn asunder! Faster than you can say “alakazam” it’s time for Superman and Shazam!

Why they’re super, crackle with magic energy and make us say “Holy moly!”:

-Superman is Earth’s greatest hero, while Shazam is Earth’s Mightiest Mortal .
-One can be brought down by magic, while another is fueled by it.
-One inspired the other, who ended up outselling the one for a time, only to ultimately have the one welcome the other into his universe.
-Actor Jerry O’Connell (Vern Tessio in the movie Stand by Me) has played both characters.
-They both simply kick ass.


-Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #4

-Action Comics (1938-2011) #826
-Adventures of Superman (1987-2006) #639
-Superman (1986-2006) #216

-Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder (2005-2006) #'s 1-4


-Justice League Unlimited, S1: E20 “Clash”


  1. Do you think Superman and Shazam! tend to compliment one another?

  2. What’s your favorite story to star The Man of Tomorrow and Earth’s Mightiest Mortal?

  3. As previously highlighted, actor Jerry O’Connell has played both of our titular heroes.

He said the magic word as Shazam! in the above episode of JLU as well as the movie Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam. Afterwards, he took flight as Superman in several direct-to-video animated movies, with Batman: Hush being his most recent turn in the cape.

Which character do you feel he plays better?

  1. Famed comic book writer Judd Winick wrote this week’s second and third selections. Between 2005’s “Lightning Strikes Twice” arc from the Superman line, and the Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder mini-series, which of his takes on the Superman and Shazam! dynamic did you enjoy the most?

There we have it heroes and wizards, another week’s worth of super magical action and adventure guaranteed to make you say “Holy moly!” at super speed.

Don your cape, say the word and, above all else, have FUN :slight_smile:


Very interesting…magic vs science…


Calendar Event submitted for your approval…in the Twilight Zone!!!


@Don-El To quote actor Arte Johnson (the voice of JLU’s Vermin Vundebar):



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Superman and Shazam
Superman and Shazam
Superman and Shazam

Song to the tune of Superman and Shazam

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Finished the first two issues so far, but I think Man of Tomorrow #4 has my favorite out of context panel ever. :joy:


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@msgtv And a fine tune it 'twas laddy.

@Jay_Kay Heh heh, I agree. That was one of my favorite panels in MOT #4.

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Ok I’m here this week :slight_smile:
I truly feel that they make a great team. I would say if superman was to have a side kick Shazam would be the perfect fit. He’s got all the strength of sup’s and lacks the weakness of magic and K.
As a kid of the triangle days I love going back and reading those but I will say I was never a fan of sup’s having long hair.
I have a hard time recalling specific stories sometimes but my favorite team up of them at the moment would have to be in the return of black Adam movie which lead to the next ? and I would have to say its Shazam! O’Connell really captures that personality and would like to see him in that role more.
Have to take a sec and say Stand by me was one of my favorite movies as a kid and still love it to this day! Got to love the fat kid from SbM. When I talk about favorite movies when you where a kid with other guys my age and they don’t know that one or Sandlot I just have no words except for “Your Killing me Smalls!”
I haven’t read First thunder yet and gave it a quick look last knight and love the art it kinda reminds me of Cooke. As for the JLU eps. I watched it again just a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorites. It really show’s how in some ways Cap is better than Sup’s dare I say. His ability to perceive the world in that wide eye hopefulness that you do as a kid while having the powers of the gods is executed tremendously in that eps. and leaves the MoS ashamed of his own actions (not an easy task).
That guy who did the art in the Eclipso art Ian something I think, Wow just fantastic! I wonder if he was inspired/influenced by Jim Lee, it definitely had his look

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Howdilydoodily Aquamon!

Ian Churchill is the artist that pencilled the Lightning Strikes Twice arc and I LOVE his artwork too. He doesn’t seem to stay on any one book for a overly prolonged amount of time, but when I see his name on a book, I always get excited for what lies within.

If you want more of his art, check out The Ravagers (which is available in full on DCU). I’m probably one of the few people who’d recommend this book but I don’t care, I thought it was fun. In part, because of Churchill’s art but also because it ushered in the New 52 debuts of various Wildstorm characters.

I love Stand by Me and The Sandlot. “Gordy really screwed the pooch!” and “You’re killing me Smalls!” are two movie quotes that frequently find their way into my daily lexicon.

In the words of Ned Flanders: “Thanks for stopping by!”



Seconded on The Ravengers as some good Churchill art – as good as the art is for Lightning Strikes Twice, it’s at the period where he’s basically being asked to copy Michael Turner.


@Jay_Kay That’s funny you mention Churchill and Turner together.

As Lightning Strikes Twice came out in 2005, I frequently found Churchill’s art to be remniscent of Turner and vice versa.

Toss Talent Caldwell’s art into the mix and you’ve got a Who’s Who of similar, but great artists all involved at DC around the same time.

Speaking of Ian Churchill and mid-00’s Superman, he was also the cover artist on Action #'s 822-825, and the cover and interior artist for Superman/Batman #19 and Supergirl ('05-'11) #'s 0 (which was a reprint of S/B #19), 1-5, and 7, with #6 being a cover only gig.

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Read the first 4. The Stern story is a nice little detour with the most memorable parts being not Superman and Captain Marvel but the Wizard and Bibbo. There back and forth and defending one another is fun.
Ian Churchill is 90s comics art, with its exaggerated anatomy done right. Beautiful detail, a real feeling of movement and power. Top flight stuff. Winnick for me can be hit and miss, and his dialogue can be awkward at times, but I think he really nails this story. Character work, action beats, plot all keep the story interesting and moving forward.


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Jiminy Jilickers!


Bumped for djd, so he can feel the magic and hear the roar!

Thunder, thunder, ThunderCats!

I mean…Thunderbirds…are…GO!

Ah criminy, it’s the bulletproof dude and the lightning kid. Y’know who (and no, not Voldemort :wink: ).

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Would it be in poor taste if I just jumped in and started participating for this week? I haven’t participated in this Book Club before and I hate to be tacky…

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