DCU Superman Book Club Week 12: Superman and Wonder Woman

Happy Friday Superfans! Once more unto the breach do we go into a brand new week of Superman flavored action and adventure, this time co-starring Diana of Themyscira, aka Diana Prince, better known to the world at large as…Wonder Woman (go ahead, you can sing her TV show theme to yourself, we all do it)!

What’s on tap for this week of Super Wonder:


-DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #'s 9, 32 and 76
-Action Comics (1938-2011) #761
-Wonder Woman (1986-2006) #170


Ruby Spears Superman, S1 E8 “Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time”

Being that Ruby Spears Superman is NOT, I repeat NOT on DCU, this is clearly a Bring Your Own Episode (BYOE) watch. If you don’t have access to Ruby Spears Superman, that’s okay as BYOE viewings are optional.

If you do have RS Superman, then you likely know what a fun episode this is. In addition to it being the only episode of the series to feature a DC hero alongside Superman, it was also co-written by the legendary Marv Wolfman!


  1. Which of this week’s comic adventures with The Amazing Amazon and The Man of Steel was your favorite?

  2. In Wonder Woman #170, Lois Lane spends the day with Diana, observing a day in her life for a Daily Planet article.

If you had this opportunity, what would you like to do with Diana as you observe a day in her life?

  1. Should you watch the Ruby Spears Superman episode, what did you think of Diana in this show compared to other animated iterations that came before and after, as well as her interactions with Superman? What do you think of this show in general?

That’s it for this week. Buckle up for some fun comics and (if you so choose) a very fun episode of a highly underrated TV series.

Have fun SuperWonders!


SM and WW oh I shall not miss this one Good Sir!


@Aquamon Bully, good sah! I look forward to your thoughts, oh purveyor of things aquatic, oceanic and the like.

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:notes:Wonder Woman (77 theme) I’m in.


@msgtv Awesome, always glad to have ya!

hums the WW TV theme while working


I’m in!


Welcome aboard JL!


Links below:
-DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #9

-DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #32

-DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #76

-Action Comics (1938-2011) #761

-Wonder Woman (1986-2006) #170


Oh thank you JL!!:slight_smile:

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Awesome :sunglasses:

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I’ll get this on the calendar either tonight or sometime early tomorrow. Congratulations!!!


We’ve got a real swingin’ party now.

puts on Bossa nova tunes, throws on beach shorts and mixes a shaken, not stirred martini


Imagine my excitement and immediate disappointment when I saw that a Ruby Spears Superman episode was included in this week’s viewing. I was like, “They’ve finally added my favorite animated Superman TV series? YES! Oh…wait…”

My favorite issue of the bunch is DCCP #76. It creatively plays off of Diana’s origin story and offers a one-off villain who perhaps is due for a revamp. It also left me itching for some Wonder Woman vs. Clayface stories, which DCU is able to provide–

“Claymates” by Mark Andreyko:

“A Piece of You” by Brian K. Vaughan:

  1. My favorite was DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #32. Poor Lois got tossed around! I was very entertained by watching them try to resist their impulses. I also love to see the greek gods in action.

I liked the attached scene from DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #76. Supes is absolutely not having a world without Wonder Woman! “What sort of person are you!”

  1. I would like for her to teach me a few fight / self-defense techniques and then we’d get some ice cream. I’d ask her what the Justice League is like behind the scenes.

Thanks for the SuperWonder goodness @Vroom!


@JL I’d get ice cream with Diana too. I bet she’d Iike Baskin Robbins’ bubblegum flavor (I assume they still make that).

A training session with her would be fun, and exhaustive as well I imagine. Who am I to complain? I could use the workout.

@AK The day that Ruby Spears Superman is added to DCU will be a day long remembered. It’s a great show.


The calendar notice hath been submitted to the local authorities for posting. May I now sample some of the wares here?

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@Don-El Indeed good sir, indeed. The Superman Book Club commonwealth thanks you for your aide and advises you to sample the freshly delivered pie.

puts out a pie buffet along with assorted beverages

Saturday Morning Pie: it’s good!


Read the DC Presents, the first was published in 78, but other than the JLA satellite it feels like it was from 58. The art, story and dialogue all would have been dated even at that time. But, still fun to be had. The best is the Man of Steel and the Maid of Might using all their powers to not jump each other’s bones. Until Superman literally bursts out of the satellite in frustration. Best line of the book is from the narrator as Wonder Woman lands in DC.
“The Much maligned and often misunderstood Pentagon” Way to fight back against commie propaganda DC!

The second is a better read, with Superman and Wonder Woman each holding their own against mud monsters. Always like the monitor showing up, although he needs more memory in his monitor ship since he has to decide which observations to “permanently save” Best line is by Superman “I’ve heard enough!” Gee I hope so Supes Dr. Cade, the woman scientist as he called her, has been droning on for pages. On to more books!


@msgtv I’ve found that mud monsters usually spice up the proceedings of most superhero affairs, and it seems DC Comics Presents agreed.

Thanks for the pop-in, eager to hear your thoughts on the other books :slight_smile:

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Had to pop back after the Action issue. That over the top 90s cover didn’t ring a bell, but as soon as I started I knew this story. My last dropout from regularly reading comics ended around this time. It is stories like this that reminded me why read them. The humorous beginning and end frame a beautiful exploration of Clark’s love for Lois through the lens of his friendship with Diana. That’s smart writing.

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