DCU Report: What actually is Year of The Villain? and the Character Arc of Lex Luthor

Welcome to my new Segment for DC, where I explain something upcoming either on DCU or in DC current Continuity, sometimes both!

Today, The Year of the Villain #1 came out and everything seems awesome! However, what is the event actually?

Well, The Year of the Villain truly started exactly a year ago with the DC Nation #0 (which debuts on DCU on Tuesday May 7th). In the One Shot, the event Justice: No Justice began and with it, Snyder’s Justice League Run. BUT it actually started with the end of New 52

New 52 and Rebirth: In the last 2 issues of Justice League New 52, Lex Luthor decided he needed to become Superman. His motives revealed after Snyder’s Run started were fairly complex. He, for one, viewed Superman as the symbol Metropolis needed; two, he was after recognition, but most importantly (three) he wanted to believe mankind was worth saving. He goes toe to toe with Doomsday (in Path of Doom) and stops her evil sister (in Superwoman: Who is Superwoman) Watching Lex Luthor move past his ego and focusing on something bigger than himself was a massive step for him to take. However, can superman ever fully trust Lex?

Superman gains trust: In Action Comics: Men of Steel (#967-972 Vol. 3), Lex gets captured by executioners of the future for crimes he has yet to commit. Superman caught in a trap with him is finally convinced his paranoia has been validated. However, when Superman loses his powers do to a red son, he reveals to Lex his vulnerability and agrees to get him out. Lex in return saves Superman’s life. Even asking him to join the Superman Anti-Revenge Squad. However, Clack still doesn’t fully trust him as he refuses to reveal his family.

Superman has a falling out: Ahead of Superman: Oz Effect, Superman stops an attack by a villain who controls an entire army of robots. He grabs a chip on him and destroys it. However, upon analyzing the chip, he discovers the Luthor Corps insignia. Though Lex isn’t at fault, it teaches him a valuable lesson.

Lex: I love a happy ending
Superman: The Civil Wars were going on before the Machinist got involved. People were dying. He just… pushed it further, is all.
Lex: That I’m afraid is human nature. Nothing you can do about it.
Superman: Maybe…
Lex: But Thank You
Superman: For What?
Lex: You reminded me of something crucial. I am the smartest man in the world.
Lex has finally decided that he can’t trust anyone anymore, but himself. This would be considered a step back but in reality it’s part of a falling out with his belief that mankind is naturally good. He realizes he’s the only one who can save the world. When you tie that in with the fact that his S is ripped out of him by Mr. Oz 2 pages later, Lex Luthor no longer feels he can be like Superman. If there was any doubt, Lex proceeds to watch mankind at its worse during Superman: Oz Effect.

FROM HERE ON OUT, I AM TALKING ABOUT EVENTS THAT AREN’T ON DCU. FULL SPOILERS including Justice League: No Justice and Justice League

Justice League: No Justice: In the final issue of the Justice League Mini-series, the Omega Titans determine that the Earth leans toward Entropy which while the Titans go down, Lex realizes that Mankind is Chaotic by nature and inherently evil. Lex ask himself Why should I be good, if mankind is evil by nature? This question leads him on a search for answers which lead him to a doorknob. Yes, a doorknob.

Justice League In the first arc of the series, Lex discovers a Doorknob which makes him go to the future looking for answers. What he sees though, is a world guided by Doom where everyone idolizes him. Everyone says that he was so close to finding what he needed but that he just missed it. So it took another 300 years to make it to Doom. Lex proceeds to figure out what he was missing and realizes two things. One) There is a force called Doom and Two) Doom is where the universe wants to go. When he realizes this everyone in the future cheers as the timeline changes because that means he figured it out. Lex decides he needs to collect the 7 dark forces of the universe which have been locked up for eternity and forms the Legion of Doom to obtain those forces. Some of the forces being: The Ultraviolet Lanterns, the Slow Force, and the Teardrop of Extinction. These forces not only have changed the members of the Legion but also are preparing for the release of Perpetua. Lex has found a higher being and plan for the universe and has truly become more than his ego.

So What is Year of the Villain?

In Year of the Villain #1, Lex fully becomes a villain by attacking the president of the United States, basically ending LexCorp, and offering various villains a way to help the universe move towards Doom.

Starting in July, nearly every series will have Lex give an offer. Some to the villain, others to the main hero. On top of that The Leviathan Event which will tell a crazy story about the Spy Organizations and Dark Undertones of the world.

Event Leviathan:

Justice League: After realizing what Lex is up to, Martian Manhunter is going on a quest to stop this! He will assemble every hero ever! This will follow up into Justice-Doom War

Tie-ins: Now a note on the tie-ins, the goal is for everyone to be able to enjoy the event without everyone having to buy everything. Just keep reading what you are already reading and enjoy the Chaos.

Action Comics - Lex Luthor has an offer for The Invisible Mafia
Aquaman - Lex Luthor has an offer for Black Manta
Batgirl - Lex Luthor brings back Oracle, but will Barbara ever be the same.
Batman - City of Bane Story and Lex Luthor aids Bane
Batman and the Outsiders - Luthor helps Ra’s al Ghul create a new League of Assassins
Catwoman - Lex Luthor has an offer for Catwoman HERSELF
Deathstroke - Lex Luthor has an offer for Jericho
Detective Comics - Lex Luthor has an offer for Joker
The Flash - Lex Luthor has an offer for Captain Cold!
Harley Quinn - Lex has an offer for Harley HERSELF
Hawkman - Lex Luthor has an offer for The Shadow Thief
Justice League Dark - Lex Luthor has an offer for Circe
Nightwing - Lex has an offer for the Court of Owls
Red Hood Outlaw - Lex has an offer for Jason Todd and the Outlaws
Supergirl - Lex has an offer for Brainiac
Superman - Lex has something for LOIS LANE!?!?
Teen Titans - Lex has an offer for Lobo that will be devastating for Crush?
Terrifics - Lex has an offer for the Bizarro Terrifics
Wonder Woman - Lex has an offer for Cheetah


Event Leviathan

The Batman who Laughs has infiltrated the heroes in Batman/Superman. There are 6 sleeper agents who are secretly working for him

The Endgame: In November, everyone will face off in an ultimate battle and after who wins, maybe something EVEN BIGGER!

Now the clue is based on who wins. I think the villains win. I also feel like Dideo accidentally spoiled it on DC Daily. Either way the future of the DCU looks brighter than ever!


The premise of the story is reminiscant of COIE issue 10 where Lex and Brainiac bring every villain ever aboard Brainiacs ship. I foresee the aftermath to end just as it did in COIE 11. Thanks for the post…it enlightened me a little bit as to what the overall story is about.

Wait, so it’s just Underworld Unleashed again but with Lex Luthor instead of Neron? Am I reading that right?

no its a much bigger slope

I’m in. This should be intriguing and I look forward to all of the tie-ins too.

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@vroom they aren’t really tie-ins as much as a shared experience across titles.

I just read it and died several times over. It is absolutely amazing. What an amazing start to the Year of The Villains

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It’s going to be great. Poor Applejack though…

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why poor Applejack?

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Applejack loves Batgirl.

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Hi! Great work with this.

Where did you find all the matchups?

I’m curious about the Supergirl matchup with Brainiac. There is one page in the year of the villain where we see the Supergirl/Emerald Empress fight which made me think that they would be paired (or Kara with the Eye of Ekron itself brought back to life).

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Spent 30 minutes going through comic Solicitations.


Found it. Thank you!

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Gonna have to pick this up

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Yes! You shouldn

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