DCU release calendar

I haven’t seen this here and I read this is official. Sweet!!!



Cool. Thanks for posting that!



Why does it show two dates for young justice?

Either two seasons or there will be a season break

Thanks for posting this

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WHAT? HQ got moved to Winter? D:
It better be great.

Surprising I don’t seenthe Metropolis show they announced earlier this year.

I’ve seen this before & got confirmation this is not legit. This was made by an individual guessing the release time. Now way is Harley Quinn winter of 2019.

Not customer service. It was from a fan group on Facebook. If DC Daily used this, then maybe it is legit. Which episode did they show this on?

It is indeed legit!


I assume they are breaking season 3 of young justice? Cause the length is very short

Thanks Fun Guy! Also thanks Applejack. It’s good to see a mod confirm it’s legit.

Hopefully changes will be made because a little over 1 year to wait for Harley Quinn is a bit extreme, especially after releasing a video at NYCC. I would imagine Fall of next year at the latest, Summer at the earliest.


Fall and December close together, so that doesn’t matter much.

You’re welcome!


So looking forward to this!

Is Stargirl going to be animated or live action? Doesn’t matter, just curious

@ TX85 Stargirl is live action. This is the girl who was cast as the lead: https://ew.com/tv/2018/09/20/dc-universes-stargirl-lead/

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Cool. Thanks for the link, I appreciate that

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Stargirl is the big one to me, going to be a long wait.