DCU original programs

I heard WB may be limiting the original content on DCU because WB may be getting their own streaming service to compete with Disney. I heard they already cut some episodes from Swamp Thing. So far the shows on here have been outstanding and I would hate to see WB screw up a good thing. If the powers that be are listening… please let DCU keep doing what they do because it is working.


Other then Swamp Thing being cut to 10 episodes, which they say is for creative reasons not because WB made them, it is all unfounded rumors and unreliable sites naming unfounded sources. Would try not to worry about it.

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Where did you hear this? Right now there is a lot of unfounded (in my opinion) concern about the Disney+ streaming being a competitor to this app. There is also a lot of conspiracies coming out of the shortening of Swamp Thing, but DC Universe said specifically that it was for creative purposes, and did not say anything about the future of the app. If you’ve seen or heard something that I haven’t, I would love to know :slight_smile:


The local paper in the area swamp thing was filming it reported the shortening of episodes first. They then went into a bunch of claims with no real sources about it being as Warner considered the future with their app. it basically said Swamp Thing was not going to air and the DCU app was on the verge of being closed down… meanwhile… The official word was it was creative purpouses… a trailer for Swamp Thing dropped showing it was airing the same time they always said, DCU just added 20,000 comics, Teen Titans Season 2 is still filming, Doom Patrol got picked up for a second season, Star Girl is still filming, Young Justice is still set to release the second half of season 3 at the same time, and Harley Quinn is still in production. DCU has clearly not been shut down like everyone who ran with the article for clickbait said.


I actually read it in The Hollywood Reporter which always seems to have the most current, honest and upto date entertainment news. If I want to know what’s going on in Hollywood I usually read THR or Variety. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/swamp-thing-order-cut-as-dc-universes-role-warnermedia-streaming-unclear-1202680

Hollywood Reporter is a more reliable site I agree. But the thing is if you read it they do accurately say that Swamp Thing’s order was cut back… which no one disputes because it did.

But the stuff about Warner’s service says the future of how it will tie is unclear, then gives speculation that answers nothing, and basically says we don’t know what Warner’s plans for the service are and it may or may not mean something for DCU… so basically it says nothing.

I honestly think it would be smart of them to merge services. Whenever WB wants to launch their streaming service just build it out of DCU and use this service as a basis. Maybe expand DCU and then rename it to a more general name then include a bunch if not all of WB other shows and movies. I don’t see why they would want to have a general streaming service and then a separate DC one and a semi-streaming service thing for CW. It would serve them more to put them all together.

I personally would be fine with that so long as we keep getting DC original series and we also keep our comics.

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And if we keep the price.

I’d prefer they kept it separate but as an add-on if people want both.

If they merged, most people that want WB aren’t going to want comics and will likely complain that the inclusion of comics inflates the subscription cost. Which would lead to the comics being dropped. Then we’d be back to before DCUniverse.


I think package deal would be the way to go. If WB stream service is 9.99, but you can add DCU for $1.99, that would be great, and likely pickup DCU subscribers.

But, time will tell.