DCU needs to understand the virtues of binge watching

I dont understand the slow rollout of Titans? DCU should understand the exclusive app is not HBO. Take a page from Netflix and Marvel releasing complete seasons for their properties. I, begrudgingly, watched two seasons of IronFist because i could binge it in 10+ hours. I dont want to have to return week after week to a streaming app.



I actually like the rollout. It gives me something to look forward to every week. Plus, this way I know I’ll have new content to look forward to every week of the year, instead of enjoying Titans for 3 days then waiting another year and a half for more episodes.

There are benefits to both models of course, but personally I prefer the way they’re doing it.


I agree with you. “You are not alone” I’ve seen others state the same case. From the overall consensus, it would appear that we are in the minority and community wants to follow along with the dcu head honchos decision for Titans…one…episode…at a time.

I’d rather have it week by week. Netflix has a new show drop almost every day, dc can’t compete with that. If dc dropped titans all at once most would binge watch than get to wait three months for the next show to drop. Netflix is 20 billion in debt to do there thing, not sure dc has that big of a line of credit to compete. Just binge watch something here or Netflix in between titans episodes lol.


I have a premium membership and for some reason I do not have permission to watch ep 1?? Any answers here

The thing about it is all tv shows are week-to-week. You just didn’t get into the show until later. So, if watching the whole series at once is so important to you, wait until the last episode is available, then you can do so.


I much rather have a new episode drop once a week then to have a season drop all at once. I’m an older fan and I’m used to the former type of set up anyway from back in the day before cable was even a thing. I don’t like the latter all that much for new shows though because after I’ve finished there is oftentimes a looooooong wait for the next season and I find that to be annoying to me personally. I love that type of set up for older shows though and being able to binge those is great.


The DCU service doesn’t have a lot of exclusive shows like Netflix, Hulu, etc. they have only one right now and as much as I’d like for them to release the hole series at once it would hurt them because as it is their only exclusive series many people would sign up for the free trial and binge the entire season and cancel. So as a service in its infancy (with only one show) they kinda have to do it like this.


Me, my wife, my brother and sister, and our friends gather around to watch stuff each week. Right now it’s Titans. It’s our time to hang out and take in content together.

I also like to be a part of the conversations online about the shows. But typically can’t do that with shows like Daredevil and other Netflix shows because it takes me a while to get through the content. I also can’t binge everything all at once with my family and friends because schedules don’t work like that.

DCU rolling out an episode a week let’s me do both.


I understand DCU isnt Netflix, but they have had the entire season “in the can” for months. Episodic televison on traditional networks normally don’t conclude production before the first 3 episodes air. Thats the price of having to live within the “Sponsor” businees model from 1948 through today (same with old time episodic radio…even HBO and show time doesn’t fund a whole season to complete production before a season premiere since they need to see if monthly subscriptions increase or decrease) when you pay a premium (not a subscription) you should expect a whole product delivered without delay. I too am an old school DC fan…emphasis on OLD. Rabbit ears Uhf channels…we didnt have a color TV until '76. I didnt know Starsky’s car was red until i saw the matchbox version.

Oh BTW DC/WB (also owns HBO) so they know the models to deliver entertainment content. Just seems like binge watching could prove a differentiator in the saturated. Im a fan, a big fan.

I enjoy weekly because after I watch all my shows during the week now I have something to look forward to on a Friday

I also am a bit bothered that that are rolling out titans weekly but I think they can make up for it with all the other shows when they come to dc universe they will come seasons at a find as well as animated and live action films so I think it’s a win still. Plus comics

It wouldn’t make much sense if you put all 13 episodes out at once. People will just binge watch it cancel the subscription and rejoin next year to just do it again. Right now titans is pretty much the only thing joining the site gets people to join. If you have a problem wait 6 months and buy the season somewhere else.


Don’t watch it until they have all been released…it’s called having a choice


DC Universe doesn’t have hundreds of original shows and movies in their library. The formula of binge watching an entire doesn’t work for every business. I think it’s unfair that some people have gotten really spoiled by Netflix’s business model and are lashing out at DC/WB for doing something different especially in the service’s infancy.

The very few who defend the horrible decision to drop Titans weekly have the most ridiculous reasons.

DCU did it wrong. That’s all there is to it. From the Titans to the comics…wrong.

What makes your opinions the universal truth?


I like having a new episode on Friday

You guys do realize that if they drop the entire series, that you could watch one per week still if that is what you want. Right? Then you have control, and mot DC.

That said, it won’t happen. DC doesn’t have the depth of content for full series drops. Content is way too thin. They have to stretch it out to keep interest and subscribers subscribing. Me? I’ll just wait till they’re all out and binge them on my own. Sort of the inverse of my point in the first sentence.

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If you binge watched here, you’d see everything in about two weeks :wink: