DCU: LEGACIES (2010-) #6 - A Recommendation for Legion of Super Heroes fans.

So I am currently reading DCU: Legacies, which by the way is a great series. But I just finished reading issue six.

Well, long story short I know there are a lot of Legion of Super Heroes fans on the forums, and wanted to tell any who might have overlooked this issue; that all you Legion of Super Heroes fans should at least read the backup story in issue six.

It is a short backup retelling Clark Kent’s first meeting with the Legion, but it quickly takes an unexpected and hilarious turn that gently pokes fun of the craziness, brought from the many reboots, and muddled continuity. Which sadly has haunted the Legion of Superheroes since the decision way back in 1985 to never have Superman start his career as Superboy.

I enjoyed it and I am not a big Legion of Super Heroes fan, so figure you Legion fans who haven’t read it yet should get a kick out of it.


Noted, thanks Dan!

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I vaguely remember reading that when it came out, overall really enjoyed it – felt like DC’s answer to the classic Marvels series, but done in a way that feels authentic to the original source material without feeling like a copy.

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DC Universe: Legacies was a fun series. I forgot about the Legion element of that issue, so I’ll give it a re-read.

Thanks Dan!

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Now up to issue #8 and I am really enjoying it. I don’t think it is as good as Marvels, or the lesser known but also good Marvel series Call of Duty which Legacy shares a lot in common with. But as a DC fan I like they finally tacked showing us the DCU from the civilian perspective. Even if I am guessing this is not in continuity since The Golden Age to the present wouldn’t have happened in one person’s lifetime by the actual continuity, or heck even real time. But it is a good story so I am rolling with it.

The backups were underwhelming to me but the last couple have been good. Looking forward to finishing it soon.

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