DCU Keeps Comic Books In Future?

Heard that all movies & tv will stream from DCU to HBO max. Wondering about comic books like library… Hope that DCU keeps comics in library like Marvel Unlimited app… Anyone know more information about comics? Please keep me posted about updated. Thanks!


If the comic book library disappeared
There would be an uproar from DC fans.

But I think
Pleople like the Forbes writer
Who predicted
DC Universe would be gone by September
Underestimate the work incolved
In adding the comics library
To HBO Max

DCU has been trying to add PS4 as a platform for more than a year and failed.

I have been told the Robu app is only videos and comics, so the PS4 version
Would have been limited to those two.main functions as well

HBO Max is a video streaming srrvice and had most platforms available on Day 1 including the PS4.

Absent is Roku.and Amazon.Fire but that is due to these platforms wanting a percentage of the monthly fee which AT&T is unwilling to give them. The apps are ready.

Anyway, @Applejack has indicated she is bot looking for another job and negoriations are occuring on what the New DC Universe will be.

There will be little or new Original Content. Right now the pandemic is preventing any production to occur anyway.

HBO May might take BTAS and Wonder Woman but the rest of the ckassic TV shows are unlikely to be on.that service. HBO Max is not a comprehensive service. It shows only latest and classic content.

In my opinion the classic TV.show lead people to come here if they are not Comic Book.Fans.

Then many get into the comic book library and the frre Community later

DC Comics knows Comics are

too hard too find


Require too much background knowledge to read

The comic book.library allows those barriers to be overcome
And the one year after publishing rule
Encourages buying new comics


I agree with this. It will be interesting to see what happens as they move forward with HBOMAX.

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