DCU Infinite's Launch Day Presentation

This poll is to see what folks think of DCUI’s launch day look and feel…not its content or other aspects.

Personally, I’m in the dislike category. It reminds me of those websites which have articles and most of the website is covered in advertisements. Except, in this case, the advertisements are the comics. This bothers me because it feels like the comics are there in the background rather than being focused. Also, I keep scrolling down to look for the article, lol!

The look seems a bit generic and plain for my tastes too. I think it would have been a good idea if they took their design cue from this community site. To me, this place a nice DC comics aesthetic to it. I get they maybe trying to avoid making the overall look seem crowded but I think they could have gone with a minimalist design which is a bit more flavorful.

DCUI did just launch so I’m hoping they’ll work on the layout and go with a slightly more thematic approach in the not-too-distant future.

Do you like or dislike DCUI’s look and feel at its launch?
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I was hopeful that there would be more UI improvements, but it’s all essentially the same. I’m sure their priority was to cut out all the unnecessary code for the video service while not breaking the comics part of the app.

Unlike what I’m seeing from many, I don’t mind that community is in a browser now, I’ve actually found myself going to it more often as a separate page than I did before.

Mainly I hope they’ll take a deeper look into making finding what you want quicker and easier.

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i’d settle for just having a dark mode.


Needs a third option: Indifferent

I think it’s okay.
The white looks better on the phone because there’s less negative space. But on the PC, it’s blinding.

I still find downloading before reading to be the faster experience on page loads.
Unfortunately, there’s no download on PC, so pages still have some lag in loading sometimes.
And sometimes, a previous page will appear instead of the current page. Only way to fix it is to close the book and re-open it.
It was like this before, but it’s still an uncommon thing that doesn’t happen very often.

It’s not BAD but I always take a lot of time to adjust to new interfaces. The reasons I’m on the dislike side is the lack of dark mode for computers on the comics part of the site. I do like the community though!

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I just think black background makes reading easier.


There’s a request on our list for this! :slight_smile:

Overall, I like it, but it’d be great if we could switch from white or a dark mode in your preferences. The white starts hurting my eyes after a while, but still loving DCUi though. Thank you everyone for doing such great work. :sunglasses:

I’m happy to hear you like it overall, @bigblock66! I’ve added your feedback about dark mode to our list. :slight_smile:

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Searched for a dark mode for about twenty minutes until I realized there is none, but overall it’s pretty easy to navigate and I haven’t experienced any weird glitches/close outs.

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But there is! Go to Preferences under your profile, and then click Interface on the side. You can enable dark mode from there :slight_smile:

Edit: I assumed you were talking about the community, but if it’s the main DC website, I don’t have anything to offer there. Sorry for any confusion on this

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This is only for the community site, I believe they’re referring to the dccomics.com site!

There’s a request in for a Dark Mode to be added to the other pages on the site :slight_smile:


I figured it was about the community, but I guess that’s not necessarily the case :confused:

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Oh Snap, I was wrong. I just went to Profiles, and Interface, and was able to change it back to the Dark Mode. !!! The only problem is anytime I get out and come back in, I have to go through the process of turning the interface dark again. It would be nice if it would stay which ever setting.
Anyways, love this Community. :sunglasses: :clap:

Are you clicking “Save Changes” after changing the interface to Dark?

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Ok… now i feel stupid ! :rofl:
Thank you @Aylex!
Next time I’ll try to use my brain. :laughing:
Thanks again.

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