DCU Infinite: Why aren't Variant Covers included anymore?

I was wondering if there was a reason why DC Universe Infinite no longer seems to include the variant covers for comics. When I started using DCUI I thought it was cool that all of the variant covers were included to view but at a certain point they stopped being included. I’m not sure exactly when this happened but browsing back issues of the current volume of Wonder Woman for example it looks like it started happening some time after issue #60, which does include the variant cover.

I’m sure it’s extra work to include the variant covers but it would be a really cool benefit to include with DCUI and really add value. Maybe it could be a differentiator of the Ultra tier (although I have no idea how you’d implement that technically).

Anyway, I’d love to have variant covers included again, or at least an explanation of why they no longer are included.



I wasn’t around when they were included, but it’s been something I’ve really wanted to be included.

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I can definitely see why you’d be missing the variant covers — they are very cool, afterall, and also tend to be my favorite part of reading comics. :eyes:

I’ll get your feedback for this passed along to our team for consideration. Thanks much!