DCU has listened to our mobile device complaints!!!

the download requirement before reading comics on Mobile HAS BEEN REMOVED!!!


Aw, thanks for noticing! <3

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Thanks for changing it!

I guess I’m missing something. When I gandered at comics on my phone a couple minutes ago, I still see the “Download Issue” button on them.

What am I missing?

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Try updating!

None available on Android.

Vroom! You’re right! I only looked at patch notes. @applejack The download issue is still in effect!

Yeah, how about that :wink:

The updates will be rolling out over the week, some slower than others. But this feature will be available on all mobile devices.


Oh got it! So that’s why it says its been fixed but hasn’t. Good to know. Thanks for telling us!!

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Thank you Applejack :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. Great that we won’t have to download in the near future.

Cool beans

If only I could actually read comics on my firestick. I’ve been having this issues for weeks and support isn’t helping at all.

Geeze, every time I turn around there’s another improvement/addition.
It’s almost like they actually like us or something :wink:


Maybe a lil bit. :wink:

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@Jewell-El, where did you end up with support? Did they offer a workaround or response?

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Doesn’t seem to work for me…

@TheDemonEtrigan, is it not appearing as an option, or not working? The updates will be rolling out over the week, so it may not be available to your device yet. Please let me know if your device has updated, but the function is not operating as expected. Thanks!

@applejack. I’ve downloaded the latest patch which has that in the patch notes on Android Mobile Phones but the feature hasn’t come in. I assume that’s what you meant by rooling out.