DCU Has Added 52!

I just saw among the latest batch of great comics, DCU has added the 52 mini-series (not to be confused with New 52).

I will be honest I read it and am reading so much else I don’t know when of if I will get a chance to read it soon. But it is such a great mini-series, one of DC’s best and an amazing read.

Anyone who hasn’t read it yet, I know 52 issues is a lot. But you would be doing yourself a favor to give 52 a chance. It is some great stuff.


Yeah, I agree. 52 brought me back into comics after a 20 year gap. The fact Giffen was on the cover didn’t hurt.

The main reason I loved the story so much was because it felt like a cohesive universe again.


Is 52 a mini-series? I’ve seen it labeled as an ongoing (when it was current), a mini-series, a maxi-series, etc.

I consider it an ongoing that was designed with a definitive ending.


52 is the spirit of DC Comics. The collaborative spirit, the stories which stand apart while intersecting just enough to build the world, the variety of voices and genres and feelings on display. It will always have a special place in my heart, and I’m so glad it’s up here.

Now, on to the next order of business: where’s The Question (1987-)???



its technically a maxiseries since it was always intended to run only a set number of issues toward a pre-determined ending but since it was weekly it ended up with more issues than a lot of ongoings ever get.


If anyone is considering reading 52, it would be very beneficial to read Infinite Crisis before hand.


True, I do have a friend who got into comics with that series without ever reading Infinite Crisis… but definitely will help.

I have so much I wanna read and everyweek they are adding more and more it’s so much and I love it lol

I’ve been reading everything. It just so happens I took a break to catch up on threads, & I’m reading 52 right now. I’ve been recommending it all over. I’m on issue 32. Just finished all Doom Patrols & a bunch more, but definitely with u on 52.
Love how Donna Troy explains events at end, to reconstruct where Harbinger left off.
Then, when that’s done. It’s Origins for the characters.
Highly Recommend it.