DCU 🎃 Halloween SCAVENGER HUNT! 🎃 10/26 thru 10/31

Calling all witches, warlocks, ghouls, goblins, mad geniuses, artists, and detectives! You are cordially invited to a very special DCU Scavenger Hunt: ALL HALLOW’S EVE Edition! :ghost:


:bat: Choose items/tasks/questions from the list


Click #halloween When you find this image in one of those threads…
Long Halloween Cat
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(Quick Note: Everyone is allowed a chance at each item—they will not be removed. This is running on the Honor System, :face_with_monocle: so keep going and don’t be afraid to get creative! There could be extra points in it for ya!)

  1. What is winning the “The Scariest House in the DCU” poll?

  2. Who wrote Batgirl’s first ever comic appearance?

  3. Retrieve a Halloween themed Green Lantern comic book cover.

  4. Retrieve an image of Lois Lane as a centaur.

  5. A Catwoman Funko POP vinyl watching Batman Returns

  6. Poison Ivy in a pumpkin patch.

  7. Batman in a corn maze.

  8. In Deadman: Dark Mansions of Forbidden Love #1, what kind of paintings does Sam refer to after showing Bernice the broken bowl?

  9. In the DC News article “5 DC Ghosts with the Most”, which character is rated “10/10 Gravestones?”

  10. What year was Anatomy of a Metahuman published and who wrote it?

  11. Catwoman has technically owned 2 nightclubs. Name them.

  12. Retrieve a comic panel of Cyborg fighting Beast Boy.

  13. A screen cap of Supergirl vs Black Adam in Injustice 2 (videogame)

  14. A screen cap of Ares from Lego DC Super Villains (videogame)

  15. What American President is credited for creating Task Force X?

  16. How many times does Ivy tell Harley she loves her in S1 of Harley Quinn?

  17. In what comic did Animal Man make his debut?

  18. What are the names of Constantine’s children?

  19. In the episode “Grudge Match” from Justice League Unlimited, 5 characters are pitted against each other in a cage match, 4 against 1–Who are they?

  20. In the DC Universe article “80 ways Joker has Murdered Someone”, what is #37 on the list? Answer using emojis ONLY.

  21. Vote and reply to the Black Lanterns vs Dceased poll. Post a link to your reply.

  22. Retrieve a comic image of Joker making mud-pies.

  23. List the Team Affiliations in Poison Ivy’s Encyclopedia entry.

  24. List the Team Affiliations in Huntress’s Encyclopedia entry. (Double points for a comic panel from one of the team ups)

  25. Who are Etrigan’s mother and father?

  26. In Secret Origins #20, name Barbara Gordon’s uncle. (Triple points if you answer w/ a doodle!)

  27. Who won the poll: “Which Billionaire has the best Halloween Candy?”

  28. What did the DC TV & Movie Club watch for their Halloween WAL?

  29. Who directed DC Nation Shorts: Wonder Woman?

  30. Who voices Solomon Grundy in Justice League -TV series?

  31. In Justice League Dark #6 (2018): Who breaks Det. Chimp out of jail? (Double Points for the comic panel!)

  32. Retrieve an image of Superman w/ a white beard.

  33. A Penguin Funko POP vinyl watching Batman Returns

  34. Harley in a pumpkin patch.

  35. The Batmobile in a corn maze.

  36. What’s one of the personalities Jane uses to get rid of the scants in Doom Patrol S2 E7?

  37. What is the name the first track on Black Canary’s EP1Kicking and Screaming? (Double Points if you quote the last line.)

  38. In Justice League Dark #13 (2018): Name the bar where Zatanna finds Constantine.

  39. Name 2 characters that formed Justice League United?

  40. In Dceased, name the locations of the 2 sanctuaries for survivors?

  41. Retrieve a comic panel of Martian Manhunter interrogating an iguana.

  42. Retrieve a Halloween themed Justice League comic book cover.

  43. In Birds of Prey #5 (2016), who has been using the name “Oracle” and why?

  44. In Red Hood: Outlaw #29 (2016), for what 2 things does Kate apologize to Jason?

  45. Retrieve a Day of the Dead DC variant cover

  46. A Halloween edition Bombshells figure.

  47. In the episode “Ring Toss” from The Batman, which hero’s superpower did the Penguin accidentally take?

  48. Which DCU encyclopedia entry features a character that is, technically, several different folks who are connected to the Green?

  49. In what episode of Swamp Thing does Xanadu make her first appearance?

  50. Who wrote Brainiac’s first ever comic appearance?

  51. In Batman: Bad Blood, what is the name of the team guarding the compound where Bruce and Damian are imprisoned? (Double Points for the pun!)

  52. In what month, year and at which retailer did Mattel’s first series of Justice League figures (based on the show seen on Cartoon Network) debut? Double points if you list who was in the first series!)

  53. Retrieve a variant cover featuring Bane.

  54. Retrieve an image of Circe casting a spell.

  55. List the names of the character breakfast cereals used on variant covers for “Batman: The Adventures Continue”. Post a picture of your favorite one.

  56. What are the names of the 2 main characters in The Low Low Woods?

  57. Retrieve an image of Swamp Thing fighting an alligator.

  58. Post side by side pictures of Sting and Constantine somewhere in the Community. Post a link to your reply.

  59. Post a picture of any collectible or item of clothing you wear that you can connect to Swamp Thing or Constantine.

  60. A gif of Wonder Woman using her lasso

  61. A gif of the Crossbow Killer.

  62. What DC Universe article lists Batman, Cyborg, Tim Drake, Blue Beetle, and Jon Stewart under the archetype: “THE NERD”? Post a link to the article.

(Automatic Double Points for making stuff!)

  1. Paint or carve a DC-themed pumpkin

  2. Create a character emblem out of candy

  3. Make a costume for one of your action figures, statues, or plushies

  4. Find a picture of candy with a DC-themed wrapper. (Bonus points if you take a photo yourself.)

  5. Cosplay! Show off your best DC-themed costumes (your kids and pets allowed)

  6. Create a DC-themed Halloween icon for use in the community

  7. Create a post in the Community, using at least five British expressions or words

  8. Build a Swamp Thing using plants (flowers, veggies, fruit, branches, etc)

  9. Make a green salad, ready to eat, and post a picture

  10. Make a DC themed soup!

  11. Make a DC sock puppet (Double points for Deadman!)

  12. 60 second Scarecrow, Man-bat or Professor Pyg sketch. Your pick.

  13. ‘Who watches the watchmen?’ Recreate it. (Double points for the translation)

  14. Add a song to one of the #Halloween Mixed Tape Monday playlists.

  15. Make a gif of your favorite DC villain.

  16. House of Mystery 4 (2008) What ultimately undoes you?

  17. House of Mystery 4 (2008) What job did Cress give Fig without Fig knowing or wanting?

  18. House of Mystery 4 (2008) What drink does Daphne want to top off her day at the House of Mystery?

  19. In Suicide Squad #1 (2011): What is the first official mission Waller assigns the squad?

  20. In Harley Quinn #10 (2000), why does Cassandra Cain attack Batgirl?

  21. In Black+White+Red #1, Harley is asked ‘what the color red means to her’. What are the first and last items she lists?

  22. What won the Harley’s Crew poll: Favorite Harley weapon?

  23. In Suicide Squad #17 (2011): Whose music is playing in the elevator?

  24. How does Harley fix the flaw in Joker’s prank in Mad Love?

  25. Where did Batman get each scar in Three Jokers #1 (2010)?

  26. In Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2, what two things does Wonder Woman use to make her mace?

  27. In The Low Low Woods, What effect did the water in Shudder-To-Think have on the local women?

  28. In The Plunge, What was the name of the ship the team was assembled to salvage?

  29. In Dollhouse Family, What was the Dollhouse originally made from?

  30. In Basket Full of Heads, How does June get out of the cuffs outside the police station?

  31. In Daphne Byrne, What is the name of the man Daphne goes to for help?

  32. Name the Doom Patrol Members in Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds (2019)?

  33. List the four classic sci-fi movies whose titles are used for the titles of the stories in JLA #’s 1-4.

  34. Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula #1: What is the date of the ship captain’s last entry?

  35. Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula #2: What name is given to Dracula by the Sgznay?

  36. Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula #3:What tobacco holder is missing from Holmes sitting room?

  37. Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula #4: What is the name of the construction company?

  38. Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula #5: What was the name of the actress at the ball?

Secrets of Sinister House 1 (2019)
101. What earth did Nightmare Mist take place on?

  1. What does The Atom call the followers of the Old Worm?

  2. What is Dr. Bonkers; real name in Calling Dr. Bonkers?

  3. In Out of My Skin what Martian Manhunter comes to rid the swamp of?

  4. Who blessed the moonshine Dreamweaver?

  5. What is the moonshine flavored with in Dreamweaver?

  6. Where did Deadman get stuck instead of a person, like normal?

  7. What reminds Jessica Cruz she doesn’t have to face her fears alone?

  8. What was Evelyn St. Louis’ real name in Hell is for Dreamers?

:bat: Drop your submissions​:point_down:below (w/ corresponding item #) when they’re ready.

Like this!

#110!! Who was the last person to see Batman alive in Dceased? (Double points for posting the comic panel)

Answer: Alfred.

#6. Poison Ivy in a pumpkin patch. (This is how I choose to interpret it. Double points for me for making it!! :partying_face:)

:bat: YOU HAVE UNTIL 10/31 TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES, and, of course, a coveted, mystical prize awaits ALL victims—I mean, participants!! :eyes: …yeah. “participants”. :smiling_imp: that’s it.
Ps. Its a BADGE! An awesome, shiny, new Halloween badge. Hope to see you here!

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Long Halloween 2020


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