DCU Friday Night Live Audio Chat w/ Messaging Board on Dischord: Friday Night after DCU Watch-a-long

Location: https://discord.gg/rkqKmXr

DCU Friday Night Live Audio Chat with Messaging Board right after the DCU Friday Night Watchalong
Currently 10 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT / 8 pm MDT / sometime in Arizona / 7 pm PDT

Come join the fun of speaking on a call with your fellow DC Universe fanatics, “open mike”, (or using the simultaneous rolling message chat the next room over) as we discuss the latest DCU original programming, DCU Comic Book releases, DCU events and the latest Comic Book-related happenings in the news in general.

Past visitors have included AppleJack, Joshua Lapin-Bertone (DC News Article Writer and Internet Press Luminary), R A Elliott (FX special effects crew member for Titans, Doom Patrol etc), and DCU-certified Community Leaders such as JLWWSM, Matt McDonald, Nathan Payson, Don-el etc!!!

Just click https://discord.gg/rkqKmXr
or go to the DC Universe Book Club Discord channel if you are a Discord user.

We gather at the DC Universe Book Club Discord "Voice Channel“ Watch A Long on left side, towards the bottom of channel listings.

The typing messaging channel is “watch-a-long-chat” for those that can’t speak out loud during the weekly gathering.

Just ask for help once you arrive if you need help finding the room please.

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You know what I realized? Half the people there are community heroes…


Great post.

I really enjoy the live chats!


Thanks to both of you for helping to host this over the past several months!

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Thanks for taking over while I’m on a break!!


How do I know?

@hellotheredude, what do you mean?

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We are now official, we’ve been added to the event calendar… yay!!! Thanks DCU Powers That Be!!!

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