DCU Fall Semester Study Hall: Titans Season 2

School is back in session for many, and this Friday, September 6th, is when the Titans will be back in session for their sensational second season!

What Titans comic books are you currently studying/reading to get ready for the team’s second semester?

Be it Teen Titans, The New Teen Titans, Tales of The Titans, New Titans, Team Titans, The Titans, Teen Titans Go (the tie-in book to the Teen Titans TV show, as well as the current TTG series that ties into the TV show of the same name), Titans of Tomorrow, Terror Titans, Titans East, solo titles that star Titans members, all flavors of Titans are available for study to those seeking academic excellence in the field of comic books.

I’m boning up on:

-Teen Titans, the '96-'98 ongoing by Dan Jurgens
-The Titans (the series that followed the above title)
-The last issues of the second New 52 Teen Titans series (a re-read)
-Raven: Daughter of Darkness
-the Beast Boy mini-series by Geoff Johns and Ben Raab (an underrated mini)

What area of Titans study are you focused on in the DCU Study Hall?

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Watching Season 1 over again

Teen Titans 2003 by Geoff Johns where the now older New Teen Titans mentor what was Young Justice. Superboy later Ravenger. Younger Raven Beast Boy

Titans Hunt

Titans Rebirth Deathstrole is associated with the original Teen Titans

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I don’t see the Beast Boy mini here. Any reason?

When the library was smsll it was here.

I didnt look up all the credits but I didn’t see the writer DCU banned because of bad things he did in real life .

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@Turok Good, good choice on John’s Teen Titans. Easily the best modern Teen Titans series.

The Beast Boy mini-series isn’t here (and I’ve no idea as to why it was removed), but it can be found digitally in the Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Book Two trade.