A thing to talk about- does anyone here think that the original series have an end goal to them? We know that Titans has the entire Justice League in its universe, presumably other heroes as well. The Doom Patrol is also in the universe, with Swamp Thing potentially also being tied in.

Could the DCU, with the other original shows, work towards one of the DC events, whether it be Crisis in Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, or Blackest Night? Or do you guys think they’ll stay with no crossovers, and just stick with individual shows?

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Hmmm. It could be possible, and I’d definitely love to see some events—but I think what they’re doing now is great. Build the worlds and characters of each show, and just tell some good stories. If you were to ask me in three or four years, I would say yes, yes, yes. But right now, I like the current plan.


The current plan is just fine to me as well. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to some storyline crossovers though.