DCU Digital Comics

hey DCU how frequently will we see digital Comics added to the streaming service? It’s a big reason that I pay for the service.

How difficult is it to upload digital comics that you already sell at places like comixology to the streaming service?

I want to read Golden Age & Bronze Age titles like Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Star-Spangled Comics, More Fun Comics, Showcase, Superboy, Detective Comics, Real Fact Comics, Action comics, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Kamandi in their entirety and I eagerly look forward to do

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It sounds like they’re going to have the bulk of what they have right now, slowly add some more, and have specific series up for a limited time. If you’re not subscribed to their newsletter, you definitely should, because a few days ago they gave an e-mail about what’s going to be going up during the month of October.


Thanx for that