DCU Book Club Week 83: GREEN LANTERN: NO FEAR (2005-) Issues 1-3, April 13-19

“Strap in and hang on as one of DC’s greatest icons, Hal Jordan, returns to the forefront of the DCU from red-hot writer Geoff Johns (TEEN TITANS, THE FLASH) with stunning art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino (SUPERMAN/BATMAN)! GREEN LANTERN challenges your imagination and leaves you breathless as you witness the adventures of one of the greatest heroes in the DCU. From the runways at Edwards Air Force Base to the darkest corner of Space Sector 2814, the Green Lantern will proudly shine his light! This special 40-page debut issue kicks off the 3-part tale “No Fear.” Spinning out of the pages of GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, Hal Jordan returns to the DCU as the Emerald Warrior, ready to reclaim his life and the light of the Green Lantern. But the forces of darkness have already begun to rise, looking to claim the power of the Green Lantern for themselves!”

Greetings DCU,

NO FEAR! Hal Jordan is back! This week, we visit the beginning of Geoff John’s 2005 Green Lantern run, with the first 3-part tale: No Fear. :fearful: :no_entry_sign: :no_good_man: :green_circle:

:busts_in_silhouette: HOW TO JOIN THE FUN!

• Read the story between Monday, April 13, 2020 and Sunday, April 19, 2020.

• Reply your answers to the discussion questions, share your thoughts about the story, or both!

• Have fun discussing the book with the community. All are welcome to join, just jump right in!

:rotating_light: Our SPOILER discussion begins NOW.

:books: What to Read :books:

GREEN LANTERN (2005-) NO FEAR, Issues 1-3


  1. Is this your first time reading Green Lantern: No Fear?

  2. What is your favorite Green Lantern story (if you have one)?

  3. What was your reaction to how Hal charged his ring in the end?

  4. What was your favorite panel or moment?

We’d love to hear your general reactions to and thoughts about the story!

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Happy Reading!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Glad you’re reacting well to them poaching off your club material. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, nice selection. I believe I have read these issues a couple of times in the past, but won’t say no to a reread. :slight_smile:

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I love Johns entire run!

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Hi! @BigGLfan and @Jay_Kay

I’m happy to hear your enthusiasm for this selection and can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on the book! :small_airplane:

Hey there! @Don-El Glad it caught your interest.

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  1. Is this your first time reading Green Lantern: No Fear ? No. I’ve read this one a couple of times. It kicks off one of, if not my favorite run, of all times!

  2. What is your favorite Green Lantern story (if you have one)?
    Tough question. There’s so many. Im gonna take the easy way out. The entire Geoff Johns run is amazing! If I had to narrow it down, I’d go with Sinestro Corps War. And technically, it’s not a GL story, but I enjoyed Jessica Cruz’s story in Darkseid War and the Fatal Five film.

  3. What was your reaction to how Hal charged his ring in the end?
    I dug it! As soon as I saw that, the first time, I knew that that was coming. But the headhunters apperance raised more questions then we got answered. Looking forward to rediscovering this great series!

  4. What was your favorite panel or moment?

    Tge first one has so much going on, it’s great! And the despair in the second one is almost overwhelming.

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It really is a tough question!

It was so cool! I completely agree with you on the hunters. It was intriguing - I love the start to this series.

Great picks!

So glad you could revisit this with us @BigGLfan :smiley:

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I dig the group discussions you have! Because of you,I’ve read some stuff that i might not have otherwise picked up. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks @BigGLfan! You made my day :smiley: :star:

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We’re hanging out with Hal Jordan through Sunday evening!


Do you do the GL was in Sunday night? From 5-6 the lantern corps watch the animated series. Lotsa fun!


The animated series was very fun! I miss that show.

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We wrap up our discussion of Green Lantern tonight. If you haven’t checked out these three issues before, give it a try - it’s a fun read, and a fun re-read!

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Yes first time reading this series.

I don’t know if I have a favorite Green Lantern story. I know that I haven’t read as many GL stories but that is one character that I do hope to read more about in the future.

I thought it was awesome. Hal always does things that are unusual and I think this just proves how he does the unusual.

Favorite moment was

because I kind of want to know how they were playing cards in their planes or if they brought them up before and decided to make that bet up in the air so it would look cool.

Thanks for another great read @JLWWSM. Looking forward to seeing and reading what comes next week in book club.


I thought I’d read it before, but reading it now I’m not so sure.

I’m not sure this counts, but I’m going to have to say The Omega Men.

If that doesn’t count I love everything about New 52 Green Lantern

Um screaming?! That moment was so awesome. One of my favorite parts of the book. So cool.

Toss up between this page and this one:

What a fun little read. I was very surprised at the family angle. Was really not expecting it. I’ve never seen much of Hala brother but I could really relate to him here.

I find myself being somewhat guarded and risk averse so seeing that last page with him and his family driving into Central City was really touching.

Wonderful pick, @JLWWSM



Hey there! I love your new profile pic!


Yes - it was such as great moment of thinking outside of the box - with no fear!

I’m gonna show my show age here: when I got to that panel the music from Top Gun was in my head! :notes: *Riiiiiiight into the Danger Zone! :notes:

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading along!

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They both count :+1: :+1:

Yes! This was me:

It was beautiful!

Great pics for the panels! Glad you enjoyed the story @MattMcDonald :smiley:

Thanks for posting this Green Lantern reading- I’m trying to recall if we have done a Green Lantern story prior, I’m thinking we did one from the New 52 era one here with the DCU Book Club.

  1. First time reading this one I believe. I do recall starting to read this series a few more issues in, where Hal I believe might even be living with his brother’s family.

  2. My favorite storyline was in Green Lantern Corp just before New 52 rolled out, by Tony Bedard concerning the Qwardian known as the “Weaponer.” It had an almost “Lord of The Rings” feel to it, or like that scene in the movie Infinity Wars where Thor goes to the outer space Asgardian weapons maker.

  3. Charging scene at end: didn’t make an awful lot of sense to me. What’s probably a coincidence is: that odd 3 eye look under the Manhunter’s mask looks a little like how some Green Lanterns looked in the “pre” New 52 run when they were “transformed” by the Guardians into Alpha Lanterns (sounds strangely familiar here at DC Universe Community, eh?).

  1. In general I like the scenes at Edwards Air Force base, the military life angle. I’m real sure G Johns later drops the whole concept as he rolls out that rainbow colors of the Lanterns concept, Blackest Night etc, but bringing the connection between private industry test pilot and the armed forces is a natural extension of the fictional world of GL.

Peace out!