DCU Book Club Week 52 GREEN ARROW (2011) Issues 17-21

Hello. This is my first time reading The Killing Machine. I think what gives Oliver a edge over his opponents is his ability to deal with pain and his never give up attitude that he got from his father. The coolest moment was seeing Oliver’s fight with both Komodo and supposedly his daughter Emiko. The reveal at the end of the story shows that Oliver really might the head of the Arrow clan and that he has to take the long way around but will eventually get there. This story showed some interesting things to come such as the heads of the other clans and hopefully another face off between Oliver and Komodo. Thanks for giving us a look into one of Oliver’s stories.

  1. Is this your first time reading Green Arrow: The Kill Machine?

Yes, Green Arrow isn’t a character I have necessarily followed. Before DC Universe, I had only read the Green Arrow book that was part of the Brightest Day banner. Then this year I read “The Longbow Hunter.” Actually mistook Emiko for a rebooted version of a character in that.

  1. Oliver is perhaps the worst archer in this story. What gives him the edge on his opponents?

Drive? I think sometimes when you want to help the world something kicks in that people doing bad simply do not have. Knowing that someone else could get hurt because you don’t succeed is a powerful driving force. I think also it is probably born into him, since we get some hints into his family history here.

  1. What was your favorite moment?

The one that has kept coming back to me, as it is the next day after finishing it, is the scene of Emiko coming out of nowhere in her ninja-esque outfit. I enjoyed the “father” saying that she wasn’t read and her basically being like “I do what I want, I’m out of control.” I also enjoyed the moment Naomi saw Fyff and was like “Weren’t you my stalker” and him having to be like “I just had a crush.” It would be interesting to see that history play out a bit more and see what actually occurred. See if the two are able to legitimately work together or if he was really stalking her in the past.

  1. What did you think of the reveal at the end of our story?

If we are talking about the “Tribe” thing then I was a little like, “umm what is the mystery 7th thing and did it ever get played out before Rebirth hit?” If you are talking about the very ending, I was like “Hmm, Didn’t I just read something similar to him giving up his trick arrows and going more low-key” since that is a big part of “The Longbow Hunter” as well. I think it would have been more interesting had that not been my most recent experience with the character.

Also make sure you let us know what you thought of the book as a whole! We can’t wait to hear from you!

I started to think I would not like the arc because it seemed to be violent in nature, but then it seemed to really build to an interesting crescendo that focused heavily on the villain, Ollie’s island past, his families past, his friends lives, and so much more. This is one where I am glad I didn’t just stop after the first issue of the arc because it really did develop. Shows that sometimes a first issue of an arc shouldn’t be the sole judging factor of enjoyment.

@JLWWSM, whenever the Justice League of America has been affiliated with the government they have paid a salary. I would be interested in finding out if the Justice League of America was during this particular time period that Green Arrow was on the team. It seems plausible since Steve Trevor is mentioned as basically the lead of the team. I know when Maxwell Lord ran the team, he also paid them all a salary as it was mentioned a few times in that era/run. I can’t imagine though how much that paycheck would be O_O

@MattMcDonald Okay, you had me literally cackle out loud with that drawing. Seriously though, without the beard I kept thinking he was Connor Hawke. It is the style of that character. Thanks for a good chuckle.


First, again, congratulations on your book club that has made the incredible achievement of Week 52! Here’s to 52 more!Overall reactions first: I’m a big fan of this art / inking style. It’s perfect for “street level” realistic drama and fighting. The female Manhunter series of 2004 had a similar feel to the art. For some reason it also evokes Jae Lee’s style that leans into lots of shadow. I’m not sure what this artist is currently doing, I’ll have to check that out.

Writing-wise, I follow just about everything “Jeff Lemire”- this honestly didn’t feel like the usual Jeff output ( his Justice League United felt more like Jeff’s usual touch, or that fabulous Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D,E., or Bloodshot Reborn / Bloodshot U.S.A. (complete with a Bloodshot doggie) over at Valiant, the INSANE Moonknight at Marvel …Black Hammer at Dark Horse being his signature series in my opinion, and of course Descender at Image). I got the sense he was given the direction and that it was to be similar to the at that time new Arrow CW show.

But he sure does characterization here well, including “stalker boy” (of course HE didn’t think he was all stalky).


(nice to see someone finally paid the cloud bill at DCU this Sunday night, lol)

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1 First time: yup

  1. The only edge I see is as one character noted, his tenacity.

  2. Favorite moment was when the Outsiders called off the attacks on Ollie.

  3. The whole thing with 7 power totems is ok, especially keeping one as a mystery totem.



An arrow to the eye is for sure his staple. It’s pretty risky but he always seems to pull it off.


@levouch I’m happy to provide that Ollie goodness! Thanks for reading!



Thanks for sticking with it! I’m glad you warmed up to it!

It’s definently a more violent book, but I think there is some excellent character work. That moment with emi in particular.



It does feel very CW Arrow-ish. I think they took the best parts of the show and added it to the comics.


Technically a little over time, but I’m sure no one will mind.

“Oliver is perhaps the worst archer in this story. What gives him the edge on his opponents?”

Magnus himself kind of says it in the last issue “[he] may not be the best fighter in the world, but [he] surely is tenacious.” His grit, his drive, his willpower in terms of not giving up no matter how long his shots are – not to mention being underestimated because of his lack of knowledge of this secret world he’s unkowingly lived around.

“What was your favorite moment?”

I think the final fight between Ollie and Komono in the cemetery. It was a really great climax to these issues, really cathartic to show how Ollie has hardened up than where he was before the start of this story.

“What did you think of the reveal at the end of our story?”

Of the whole weapon clans? Very cool. On one hand, I think you can cynically say that Lemire is basically taking what Geoff Johns has done with the likes of the Emotional Spectrum in GL and applying it to Green Arrow, but I think it works rather well. It’s really a shame that this is largely dropped by the time Lemire leaves the book.


As to how much this was inspired by Arrow, I think it was more a mutual thing – I seem to remember reading at the time that Lemire and the show producers talked and traded ideas.

And if you think this was reminiscent of the show, you should see the arc that came after Lemire’s run ended. Issues #35-40 was written by some of the show-writers and introduced a similar version of Malcolm Merlyn, as well as John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak.


Hahaha thanks, @MattMcDonald! I’m saving that!

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