DCU Book Club Week 52 GREEN ARROW (2011) Issues 17-21


Week 52! One whole year! What a milestone. I’ve made a separate post about it which should be up in the comics section as you read this. Please check it out!

In honor of this occasion, we are checking out one of my all time favorite books. Green Arrow: The Kill Machine.

This is a fun ride and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it!

Spoiler discussion begins RIGHT NOW and lasts until Sunday (9/15) evening!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Is this your first time reading Green Arrow: The Kill Machine?

  2. Oliver is perhaps the worst archer in this story. What gives him the edge on his opponents?

  3. What was your favorite moment?

  4. What did you think of the reveal at the end of our story?

Also make sure you let us know what you thought of the book as a whole! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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I read this a long time ago. Looking forward to revisiting it. If I remember correctly, Green Arrow (2011) got really good around issue 40. I haven’t looked at it to check but I think Lemire was writing at least that time. Could be mistaken.

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*Lemire was writing at that time

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Lemire started with Issue 17! I think this is when it gets good!

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Make room for Grandpa!

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I’ll fire an arrow for this one! Lemire’s GA is BA.


I have read this before and greatly enjoyed it, looking forward to going through it again. :slight_smile:


@MattMcDonald Query: Was a New 52 offering always planned for Week 52 or is that just a coinkerdink?


@vroom in a sense It was always planned.

52 is the number of weeks, so for a year one celebration, they are doing their favorite comics. (His is a new 52 run). Hmmmm


The art on the cover is stunning!

I can’t wait to read this - Green Arrow rocks!


Looks awesome can’t wait to read these issues

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Just a mildly amusing coincidence!

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I just finished 17, it looks excellent in couch mode. I don’t read all the comics in couch mode, but this story propels itself like a good movie, so watching it on a bigger screen is a great compliment to the book. I’m liking this story so far!

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  1. Is this your first time reading Green Arrow: The Kill Machine?

Yep! First time

  1. Oliver is perhaps the worst archer in this story. What gives him the edge on his opponents?

He heals fast throughout the story - I’m partly attributing that to his youth and physical fitness. His reflexes and gut instincts may have been inherited from his family, since they are all part of the Arrow Clan.

  1. What was your favorite moment?

The moment where Emerson is shot is pretty powerful. The panel art was fantastic. Emi surprised me too. At first I thought she was a typical kid taking gymnastics classes. It was shocking to see her as a determined, killer-in-training.

  1. What did you think of the reveal at the end of our story?

The island was not an accident. Poor Ollie. I want to learn more about the other families (in the attached pic)

More thoughts:

The JLA pays a salary?!?!

The mystery of Magus is the most intriguing to me. How is he centuries of years old? How did he know where to find Ollie when went back to Queen Industries in issue 18? Why is he so elusive? How did he enter Oliver’s hallucination? - These are all great mysteries.

I liked the ex-employee, Henry Fyff - even if he is “a mess” :laughing:. I hope he wasn’t truly a stalker.

This story had a cinematic feel. Good pick @MattMcDonald. The Oliver Queen stories never let me down!

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I felt so bad for Fyff. I think it was wrong of Ollie to involve him, but he did prove to be helpful. ALSO i couldn’t believe the JLA pays a salary, I wonder how much it is! Glad you liked it!

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Happy Saturday folks! Discussion ends tomorrow night!

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I’m givin it the ol homeschool try, but…no…beard…must…draw on…beard

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Cool story, first time reading it. Favorite part was crazy little Emi.

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Finished this earlier and I LOVED it!


  1. No, I read this arc as it came out. Loved it then, and I love it now.

  2. I chalk it up to his youth, his own training and training from the Justice League team he was on at the time of this arc.

  3. Favorite moment…Emerson getting an arrow to his peeper. Ollie sure likes to plug jerks in their eyes (ala Identity Crisis and other stories).

  4. It made me want to keep reading the Lemire/Sorrentino run. I enjoyed the entirety of the New 52 Green Arrow, but Lemire and Sorrentino were the best creative team on it by far.

Great pick Matt! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m an excellent host