DCU Book Club Week 5: Hawk & Dove (2011) Issues 1-5


With Hawk & Dove’s approaching introduction in DC Universe’s Titans, DCUBC is checking out the first arc of their (short lived) New 52 series.

Written by Sterling Gates with Art by Rob Liefeld, this arc follows titular heroes Hawk & Dove as they go up against Condor & Swan! Really!

As always discussion begins on Friday (10/19) at 5PM and lasts all weekend. So make sure you drop in and let us know what you thought. Also feel free to drop by throughout the week to leave spoiler free impressions.

All Discussion for this week’s book will take place on this post.

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Side note: I don’t think I’ve read a comic with this much teeth gritting? I mean Hawk is always gritting his teeth. Dude’s jaw must be SORE. Also everyone is really angry. Like real mad. Enjoy!

See You guys FRIDAY!


Happy reading everyone :slight_smile:

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Roger that! Wilco. We are entering the new 52 Zone , everybody put on your seat belts!!!

My ride doesn’t have a seatbelt


The way DC has blown up their timelines over and over it is difficult to pick up a series and just disregard everything that came before. Especially when it comes to Hank Hall.

I am looking forward to this. I bought the series back when it came out because I was a huge fan of the 80s series.
These are great characters

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Good to hear! Almost changed the book selection for this week at the last minute, so I’m glad to hear it!

They need to bring back these two characters in the DC comic book universe

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As a participant in the wild 60s I got to admit I also have a great respect for Steve Ditko’s original version of the warring brothers. The other wild concept around the same time from Ditko was the Creeper.

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By participant I mean I was alive then I didn’t mean you know like participate in anything wild, I was a kid…

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Sure Don…

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Rob Liefeld huh? Deadpool better not make an appearance, lol.

He doesn’t but those Rob Liefeld guns sure do!

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I’ve been a fan of hawk and dove since I first heard about them years ago, besides aquaman, they are my favorite obscure characters.

Wish we could see more of them in the media and comics. They really would make for an interesting show especially if you include the original dove and that whole story line.


The five issue mini series in the 80s or the 90s series have a more appealing art style if your put off by the new 52 style… You’re not alone Lol.

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This is my first dive into Hawk and Dove and enjoyed the story. I figure I will finish the series as there are only 3 books left.

One thing I absolutely hated is Leifield’s art. I have missed a lot of books thanks to him and decided to power through my own prejudice and focus on the story.

Considering this is my first read of Hawk and Dove I would have almost preferred a bit more of background and the early issues does have origins stories drenching the pages. With all of that said, it is accessible, minus the artwork. The action was well paced and I can’t say I was bored. One thing I have instantly noticed after reading 20 issues of The New Teen Titans (1980) is the lack of dialogue and the average page count is smaller. That isn’t a bad thing but it is a change.

Well I gotta get back to reading the last 3 issues so I can read more Teen Titans.

If you have time for extra credit read the original sixties The Hawk and The Dove that’s also in the library

I am trying to get through the 1980 teen Titans before they take them down and I still have Birds of Prey to finish.

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I figured the art would be people’s biggest gripes. You either love the guy’s art or you hate it. It defiantly gives gives the book a certain “feel”. Thanks for stopping by!


It’s kinda funny you guys ragging on the artwork because I was thinking the art was my favorite part. I get it though Liefield is not for everyone, I think he’s at the top of his game in these books though. On another note, someone should really get hawk a mouth guard or something, all that gritting has gotta be bad for his teeth