DCU Book Club Week 47: House of Mystery (2008-) Issues 1-5

Greetings DCU,

Welcome to the House of Mystery :house:! In this series, there are many stories to be told and mysteries to be unraveled.

 Please note, House of Mystery contains mature content and is suggested for mature readers. ```

“Now then. This is the house of mystery. It’s a mystical place located at a supernatural crossroads between many worlds. Anyone who can find it is welcome to enter.” - Cressida, House of Mystery (2008)

Our spoiler discussion begins now and ends at the end of the day on Sunday, August 11th. So jump right in and share your thoughts!

📚***WHAT TO READ*** 📚 
House of Mystery (2008-) Issues 1-5. “Room and Boredom”


1) Is this your first time reading House of Mystery (2008-)?

2) By the end of issue 5, which mystery or character(s) are you most curious about?

3) Who was your favorite character?

4) What was your favorite moment?

5) What was the most shocking moment to you?

We’d love to hear your general thoughts and reactions to the story.

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I’m scared

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@Don-El If you need someone to call The Real Ghostbusters, I’ll be your Huckleberry.


Very spooky. Very excited. :ghost:

Like ghosts, I ain’t afraid of this week’s book for the club! Definitely been one I’ve wanted to read since it showed up on here, just getting me to read it sooner. :slight_smile:

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I’m in. I know I read some of this series from trades at the library, but it was spotty, so looking forward to diving in from the start.

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Why not I have never read it so I’ll jump in. This will be my first time trying out these book clubs I keep seeing.

Wildwest book clubs are a great way to enjoy the books and hear what everyone else thinks about them

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Looks like Vroom’s got you covered.

Thanks @Vroom =)

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It is quite mysterious. door makes creaking sounds

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Glad to hear it and there’s nothing to fear, kinda. Who knows?! :laughing: Looking forwarding to hearing your thoughts.

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Awesome! It’s always nice to start at the beginning. Happy reading

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Welcome! Glad to have you join in on bookclub. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book.

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Oh Hooray! :crystal_ball: I did read this & I will need to bookmark this & come back to play along with this discussion. Thank You! :derelict_house:

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Hi :hugs:
Awesome! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one.

As soon as the story of Hungry Sally started, I knew I had read this, though I think the library had gaps. At the risk of repeating myself each week, this is another great idea for a show. If DCU wants a twilight zone/dark mirror type anthology, House of Mystery with its on going storyline, plus imbedded short stories would be great.
As a kid I used to love these types of DC books with Cain and Abel and their creepy stories.


Hungry Sally got me too - I couldn’t look away, even when I wanted to! I’d be all in for a House of Mystery tv series.


I’ve never read this series before but I just finished book 3 on my lunch break. I’m enjoying it so far since I don’t have to know any continuity with the characters.

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That’s a great point. It’s refreshing to just jump in without having to know the background of the characters. Happy Reading :open_book:

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@JL Any plans for week 53 (the one year anniversary)?