DCU Book Club Week 38: SWAMP THING (2011) Issues 1-7


Welcome back to DCUBC, DC Universe’s community run Book Club. It’s great to see you!

This week, in honor of the recent release of the first episode of Swamp Thing we are checking out Issues 1-7 of 2011’s Swamp Thing book!

Released during The New 52 this fresh take on the titular character comes from Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette.

Spoiler discussion begins RIGHT NOW and lasts until Sunday (June 9)

:rotating_light:Discussion questions::rotating_light:

1.) Is this your first time reading Swamp Thing (2011)?
2.) How would you compare this book to other Swamp Thing titles?
3.) Who was your favorite character?
4.) What was the creepiest moment?

Also make sure you let us know what you thought of this week’s selection as a whole! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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We must protect the green.



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  1. I bought and read the hardcover edition of this series last fall. I’m really happy to jump into this again and discuss it with the community!

Nice! I was reading the whole run as it came out, So now that I’ve read more of the original work, I’m looking forward to going back to this and seeing how it compares. :grinning:


Neato Pete!

  1. I read this series in full as it came out. It was the first Swamp Thing ongoing I’d read in full. Scott Snyder was definitely the best writer of this series. Charles Soule’s run was fine.

  2. Comparison-wise…it’s my favorite ST ongoing by default of being the only one I’ve read in its entirety. I LOVE the 2016 Swamp Thing mini-series though.

  3. Favorite character: Swampy.

I loved Yanick Paquette’s art. A very underrated artist.


Did you guys know that at a certain point swamp thing was an avatar for every element, not just earth. He had control of fire, water, earth, air, and stone. He was insanely powerful.


Swamp thing
ba da de da da
You make my heart sing
ba da de da da
You make everything
ba da de da da
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De da de da…


@Don-El You’re on the right track…


Maybe that’s why I thought of it some little wisp of a memory of that being out there

I just started this series myself. I love love love the Green Red and Rot ideas.

I dislike mostnSnyders work but I haven’t been able to put this down.

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Silly Book Club, you can’t tell me what to read.
downloads Swamp Thing 2011 1-7



Yes my plan is working :smirk:


It’s cool that so many of you read this as it came out! I’m curious to know how it reads a second time!


Wasn’t swamp thing a black special forces soldier? But other then that so for so good.

A black special forces officer? No, I can’t think of any version of Swamp Thing like that. Maybe you’re thinking of John Stewart/Green Lantern? Or Al Simmons/Spawn over in Image Comics – he had a horrific burning that turned him into whay he is too, so I could see that being a connection.

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I’ve been wanting to start following along with you guys in the book club and also been wanting to check out the 2011 Swamp Thing. So I suppose this is the week to join in! :slight_smile:

  1. I read this book monthly when New 52 launched. I had never read Swamp Thing in his own title. I liked that they integrated him back into the mainstream DC.

  2. I eventually read Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing and I like things in both. I think I liked the New 52 cause it gave us the red and the rot like others said. It opened up a different material.

  3. Swamp Thing being Alec Holland again.

  4. I’m going to reread these issues and get back to this one.



That does kinda sound like Spawn.


Then this just worked out perfect! Glad to have ya!


Looking forward to hearing what you think!