DCU Book Club Week 34: CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE (2016) Issues 1-6


Welcome back to DCUBC, DC Universe’s premiere community run book club! Super glad that you decided to join us!

This week we are digging (heh) into Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, Issues 1-6. Written by Gerard Way & Jon Rivera with art from Michael Avon Oeming & Nick Filardi.

Spoiler discussion begins RIGHT NOW, and lasts until Sunday (5/12) evening, so feel free to share what you thought as soon as you finish reading. Make sure to check back to see what others in the community thought!

Quick note: This book is recommended for mature readers. If you are bothered by graphic violence, language, and mild nudity best to steer clear from this week’s book.

Discussion Questions (Spoiler Warning!):

1.) Which DC Character would you most likely have a chance encounter with?

2.) Cave decides to keep his daughter in the dark about her mother’s origins, why do you think he did this? Was it the right thing to do?

3.) We get to meet a lot of interesting characters, which one was your favorite and why?

4.) Lastly, what do you think was the funniest moment/line?

Also, why not let us know what you thought about the book overall? I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Interesting pick! This looks like fun, looking forward to it.


This will be a new adventure for me! I’ve never heard of this and am looking forward to reading it. =)


Oh yeah read most of this when it came out but very eager to read it again…love the interaction between him and his daughter!!!


Great choice! Can’t wait to read!

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Glad y’all are looking forward to it! Thought I would change the pace up a bit! Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it.

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Nice! This is very much one of those books that I thought looked interesting, but because of money/time I couldn’t really support it when it came out, so I’m excited to give this a try now. :slight_smile:

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Give it a try or give it an eye ???

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I just audibly groaned

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I’ve read the first two issues so far, and I really enjoyed them.

I love Oeming’s art. Probably because it reminds me of Bruce Timm’s to an extent, but also because it has its own unique characteristics.

My favorite scene so far was when Wild Dog opened fire on his and Cave’s pursuers: “Hi ****heads!”

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Wild Dog is a national treasure


@MattMcDonald He’s a good doggy for sure.

I have heard of this and was always mildly interested. Book club finally gives me a reason to read it.

I’ve finished the first two issues. I’ve always wanted to read this and I’m glad I have an excuse to now.

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Awesome! What are you thinking so far?

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Woot woot!!

HOW COULD YOU GUYS END THIS SERIES ON A CLIFFHANGER?!?!?! It was getting so good, then Cave lost his eye, and it said “The End?” and I was like “NOOOOO!!!” Anyway, I. honestly really enjoyed this week’s series. I had never even known Cave Carson existed until we had read this. The writing was hilarious and hit all the right notes. It explained the story well, and I appreciate that. The art was definitely my type of style. I loved the cartoonish art - it made the graphic scenes not that violent, and overall made the story more fun.

  1. I think Cave was just trying to keep his daughter safe from the truth, but I don’t think this was the best idea. It affected their relationship and caused some tension and secret keeping between the two.

  2. I really liked Jack Wheeler. Despite being pushed down by his father, he still became an All-Star quarterback and helped Cave save the world. He was incredibly fun and gave some of the best humor of the series.

  3. The. Entire. Series.

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Glad you liked it! :slight_smile: I agree with your thoughts on Cave hiding is family’s origins! I understand why he thought it was the right thing to do.

Like that nerd in school, I have continued to read the Cave Carson issues past 6. I really enjoy the way Gerard Way tells a story!


The whole team is great! The entire run (including the sequel series) is FANTASTIC, imo.

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