DCU Book Club Week 32: SUPERMAN AMERICAN ALIEN issues 1-7


This week we are taking a trip to Smallville to see our favorite boy scout, Clark Kent!

That’s right, this week DCUBC is taking a look at Superman: American Alien by Max Landis and a variety of fantastic artists.

Spoiler discussion begins RIGHT NOW and lasts until Sunday (4/28) evening. So jump on in and tell us what you thought!


  1. Is this your first time reading Superman: American Alien?
    2.Each issue gives us a different peak into Clark’s life. Which one was your favorite and why?
    3.Each issue feels fundamentally different. Which genre would you classify each issue? For example. Issue 1: Coming of age drama.
    4.What moment do you think Clark becomes Superman?
    5.As always, what was your favorite moment in the book?

Also just let us know what you thought of the book as a whole. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

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  1. This is my first time reading this, and I’m stoked to read it. It’s been on my “to read” list for awhile.

I can’t wait to dive into the book and the discussion questions!

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I love this series- it’s legitimately one of the best Superman books ever written- but the author makes me hesitant to recommend it. He’s had some pretty rough assault accusations leveled against him, and I’m not sure I want to support his work at this point in time.

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Gotta be honest- never head of this series! Looking forward to reading it


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Gonna have to sit this one out. Not knowing how talent gets paid through us reading the comic books here, I can’t read this particular book. Thanks for bringing this issue up, @HubCityQuestion. Glad I saw it before I began reading it. I will stay off my SJW soap box and just say, enjoy anyone that reads this one. I may try quickly marathoning through the epic book club, but for regular book club see ya next week!


Sorry I didn’t see all the other negative comments on this …guess I’ll investigate.

I mean, not knowing yet, there is a big difference between being accused and being guilty. The felliw that does Talking Dead was accused of things and walked out unscathed, Chrus Hardwick, so I guess I’m going to have to investigate.

Thanks for noting though.

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No need for an editor here

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but is there a way to search the past dc book club discussions? I find it fun to read others reactions

The link’s at the top of this thread you’ll see it

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  1. Is this your first time reading Superman: American Alien?
  • Nope, second time
  1. Each issue gives us a different peek into Clark’s life. Which one was your favorite and why?
  • Issue 1 is super cute, but issues 4 and 5 are my favorites. I absolutely love Clark’s interactions with Dick! I feel like Clark really starts to come into his own in these in terms of the hero he wants to be. The characters he meets across these two issues and how he reacts to events point toward Superman. I would say the last two issues are unnecessary, but I think dealing with an enemy on a physical front is important to show that Clark is willing to be a hero when there are serious, personal consequences, so I think issue 7 is also important.
  1. Each issue feels fundamentally different. Which genre would you classify each issue? For example. Issue 1: Coming of age drama.
  • 1: sure, coming of age, celebration of self
  • 2: learning there’s a difference between being powerful and knowing when and how to use power
  • 3: leaving the nest, how to let loose (college years!) and let go in order to move forward with life
  • 4/5: self-discovery: who am I, who do I want to be, how do I be the person/hero I want to be, what is a hero?
  • 6: how to handle fame and how to move forward with life without forgetting the past and neglecting the people around you
  • 7: being Superman
  1. What moment do you think Clark becomes Superman?
    -When he repaired Lex’s window. :slight_smile: As I said above, I think the mini-series could have ended after issue 5; however, I think Superman’s dedication, determination, devotion, perseverance, etc. is tested and highlighted in issue 7. I don’t necessarily think there had to be an issue 7 for the purposes of beginning a hero’s journey/discovering who he wants to be type of story, but issue 7 definitely solidifies Clark as Superman (and I just don’t like issue 6).

  2. As always, what was your favorite moment in the book?
    -Dick Grayson! I loved his inner monologue as well as him talking about hope to balance out fear. I also liked Lois’ discussion about hope in the following issue.



Each time i read this I forget about Dick Grayson being in this. It’s always a pleasant surprise. Your genre’s are spot on! Thanks for sharing!

PS The writing on Lex’s window is hands down my favorite part of the book. Thanks for bringing that up:)

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Hey Book Club Friends,

We have been made aware about some pretty terrible accusations levied against the writer of this week’s book, Max Landis.

I was ignorant of these accusations, if i had known i would not have selected this book. With that being said, we will still be reading Superman: American Alien this week. I 100% Understand anyone not wanting to participate. I’m very sorry about this and hope you will join us next week. @JLWWSM and myself have already talking about steps we can take to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

I want our little club to be an escape, and I’m sorry that my selection this week spoiled that.

Thanks for understanding,



I was onboard with this book when it was new and I read issues 1-4 as they came out. The one where Clark was mistaken as Bruce was fun.

Then I saw Max Landis on Collider Heroes. He came off as a pretentious, unlikeable, holier than thou hipster who had no respect for Superman. I dropped Superman: American Alien from my pull list the next time I was in the store I frequented during its release.

I haven’t touched the series since and have absolutely no desire to. Better writers before and after Landis have crafted much better Superman origin tales and will continue to do so.


@Matt, this is probably something that doesn’t necessarily have to be said, but I want it to be said book club is still a wonderful place for escape. It is impossible to know every single nuanced thing that could potentially steer someone away from a series, so don’t fret too much about one bad week out of 32. @JLWWSM and you put a lot of work into book club, it shows. I know I have only participated in 2 thus far, but I can tell you both put your heart into this so I will definitely return next week. If others are sitting out this week due to this issue, y’all better return next week to one of the best darn things about this app, which is getting to read comics with some of the best people around, @Matt and @JLWWSM! Now let’s all let this return to a discussion on the selected book and the discussion questions for the week. Enjoy everyone!



Thank you! :sob::heart:


I liked it. It was a different take on Superman. I’m in the middle of watching Smallville on Hulu and can see some of the similarities in these 7 issues. I would have liked them to go with more than just 7 issues but maybe they’ll add to it or come out with a sequel.
I enjoyed the artwork also

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Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by. I can see a lot of similarities to Smallville as well.

Just finished issue #1 and my this art is gorgeous



Each issue features a different artist. They are all gorgeous, IMO.