DCU Book Club Week 27: THE MULTIVERSITY (2014) The Just & Paz Americana

Thanks again for the selection this week!

It again made for a very fun Sunday evening for me. As I’ve said previously, whether anyone ever reads this little journaling I do on Sunday nights or not here, I am entertained when I get to internalize / meditate on the stories aa I read them for a second time from when they were originally published.

I would suggest we consider going back to having no spoilers until Friday night and having a little showmanship, drama and suspense/ mystery " what’s behind the curtain" come back. I definitely got the sense we didn’t get quite the participation with the new format, but whatever you decide, I’m here Sunday evenings as I have strength and wit!

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I’m a loyal reader! Thanks for sharing as always!


The eagle has landed


Thanks for sharing your review and thoughts, and answers to the discussion questions, as always. :blush:

I really enjoyed the panels with Green Arrow and his daughter too.

I like the battle you picked!