DCU Book Club Week 23: Red Hood: The Lost Days (2010-) Issues 1-6

Welcome to Week 23 of DCUBC!
It’s Jason Todd ->>> Red Hood time! This week we’ll read Red Hood: The Lost Days (2010-) Issues 1-6.

“Guest-starring Ra’s al Ghul and Talia! From one-time Batman sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder, to renegade vigilante! Learn what events led Jason Todd on his eventual path of death and destruction.” - DCU comic series intro.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Questions of the Week

  1. Is this your first time reading Red Hood: The Lost Days?

  2. Who poses a greater threat to Batman: the Joker or a former Robin? Why?

This week, we’re testing new format for the Spoiler Discussion. Please ONLY post answers to any or all of questions 3-5 from Friday, Feb. 22nd @5pm EST through Sunday Feb. 24th.

:rotating_light:Spoiler Discussion Questions: BEGINS FRI FEB 22 @5PM EST​:rotating_light:

  1. Talia is a complex character. Pick one or more of her actions in the story and share what you think motivated her action(s).

  2. In issue 6, page 16, do you believe Jason Todd gave an honest answer to the “Why then?” question? Why or why not?

  3. As always, what are your thoughts about the story? Did any moments or characters standout to you?

Our spoiler discussion kicks off this Friday (February 22th) at 5p.m. EST and lasts all weekend. Feel free to leave spoiler-free thoughts throughout the week.

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I’m scared already woohoo

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I remember reading this and…honestly kind of hating it. So this should be an interesting one to re-read. :joy:

  1. I have read this mini. I read it when it came out but I’ve not read it since then (nor do I own it currently), so it will be fun to re-read it.

  2. Joker. Red Hood became an ally of Batman (I wrote a story about him :slight_smile: ) but Joker is still ever the villian and getting his face punched in by Batman. RH saw the light and realized that getting punched by Batman really hurts so he switched to the side of the angels.

This mini-series was written by Judd Winick who also brought Red Hood back in the Under The Hood arc (that was before it was re-titled Under The Red Hood to tie into the movie) of Batman volume one.

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This will be my first time reading this, this is gonna be good! :grinning:


Can’t wait to read myself :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this! It’ll be my first time reading this!

And I still think Batman poses the biggest risk to the Joker.


@Don-el, the cover art is intense!

@Jay_Kay and @Vroom thanks for re-reading. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

@Reaganfan78 welcome back!

@Redhood :rofl:, yep let’s see what your character has been up to in this story.

@MattMcDonald, a new adventure awaits!

This will be my first time reading any Red Hood stories, but I did watch Under the Red Hood and I loved it.

Although he ultimately became Batman’s ally, hypothetically a former Robin is more threatening than the Joker. A former Robin not only knows Batman intimately, he knows Bruce Wayne intimately too and can hurt him where it hurts. He also knows Batman’s fighting styles, all of his secret weapons, and blind spots he might have. Also, Batman might be more inclined to hold back, which Robin can use as an advantage.

  1. First time reading this but I have read other Red Hood stuff.

  2. I’ll go with the joker.

Hello! I love your explanation for former Robin. Excellent points all-around. Like you, I watched Under the Red Hood and loved it, and this is my first Red Hood story.

Welcome! It’ll be fun to hear how this story compares to other Red Hood stories you’ve read.

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Lets goooooo! Finally

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  1. First time reading ANY Red Hood

  2. Former Robin. He knows all of Bats best moves and then some.


For those of you new to Red Hood comics…after you’ve read this mini-series, you ought to check out the Rebirth era Red Hood and the Outlaws ongoing. It’s easily the best book RH has ever headlined. Different continuity but a wicked good read nonetheless.



YES! Rebirth Red Hood and the Outlaws is so gooooooood.


Excited to start this book tonight!


@Matt, right? I’ve liked all of RH’s books but the Rebirth one is the sauce on my steak. My second favorite Rebirth Batbook after 'Tec.

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@kurzym.59583 I’m excited too! Glad to have you :slight_smile:

@FlashPoint0909 You’re in good company :wink: We have a few people - including myself - who are new to Red Hood.

@Vroom thanks for the recommendation!

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I read #'s 1-4 this morning and really enjoyed them. I had only read this mini once and didn’t remember much of it, so it’s almost like reading it for the first time. I’m eager to finish the last two issues tonight.

What’s everyone else think so far?

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Anytime I read the part that Ras Al Ghul talking, I can hear David Warner talking. And Helen Slater as Talia. :slightly_smiling_face: