DCU Book Club Week 20: STARMAN (1994) Issues 0-5

20 Weeks!

I would like to thank everyone who’s joined us over the last 20 weeks. It’s been a real honor to put this together for you all, thank you for having me.

So what’s new? First off I’ve created a master list with links to every discussion we’ve had. The DCUBC Archive can be found on Discord (hey we have a Discord) and will be updated each week. You can find a link towards the end of each post.

Secondly I’ll be adding a question of the week. While this will be unrelated to the current book we are reading, I’ll try to keep it somewhat relevant.

And last but certainly not least, Each weekly post will now end with the Coming Up Next Week on DCUBC section. This will let you know what we will be reading the next week. (NOTE: This applies only when I’m hosting the next week’s Book Club)

I’m still brainstorming some more stuff, but if you have suggestions please reach out via the methods listed below!

This week we are going back to the 90’s with Starman Issues 0-5. Radical!

You know the drill! Spoiler discussion begins this Friday (2/1) at 5 PM EST on this post. Feel free to leave spoiler free thoughts throughout the week!

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Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to reach out to me via email Mattcmcd@gmail.com or on Twitter @Mattmcdonald

Question of the Week: What is one book that you would love to see on DCUBC?

Coming up Next Week on DCUBC: Girl Power! Returns! Woohoo!


:tada: 20 weeks of DCUBC!:tada:

Thanks for steering the ship, and being an excellent captain @MattMcDonald!

For the question of the week, I’d love to see Cyborg on DCUBC.



Shucks! Thank you!


The Archive is down at the moment, but I’ve summoned the Discord master @Nathan.Payson to fix it

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Also shout out to @Nathan.Payson for running the Discord. It’s actually super complicated to set that stuff up. (I learned the hard way)


Thanks!! It gets easier with practice. It took me a while my first time using permissions.

Great 20 weeks!!! Never would have expected this to be where it is now!


Also SuperSons would be fantastic. Maybe war of the throne from Aquaman



Supersons is coming very soon :slight_smile:


Congrats Matt and everybody in the book club! Let’s all keep promoting this and helping Matt and Jay keep this parade going. It’s not a one or two person show. If you love having a DCU Book Club with curated reading plans and fun insights from fellow DC fanatics, then be committed to it, do the best you can to participate every week please and you’ll personally be part of the success story here!!!


For the question of the week, I’d love if JSA would end up on the DCUBC sometime.


Q of week: let me for perhaps the fifth time request 60s Doom Patrol


Haven’t heard of Starman, but I’m looking forward to learning about him!

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Re: QOTW: I second Cyborg (especially since I just finished it yesterday) and Super Sons as both are solid titles. Cyborg’s books and the character himself always deserve attention.

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100% this Book Club wouldn’t be possible without continued support from each and every person who participates.

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@Vroom @JLWWSM

A lot of Cyborg love! I’ll see what I can do about getting him on the schedule :smirk:


i wanna see it

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I didn’t participate as well as I should have last week, but I do appreciate having a group like this!

As far as the QOTW goes…
Red Hood: The Lost Days.
That’s a 6 part series.

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I never read Starman or anything Neil Gaiman related, So this is new territory to me, Will let you know what I think at the end of the week

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James Robinson’s STARMAN is the great comic book series of all time!!!

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Wow! That’s high praise! Looking forward to it for sure!

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