DCU Book Club Week 2 DISCUSSION: Identity Crisis


Welcome to the DCUBC discussion on Identity Crisis. I hope everyone’s had a great week! I just want to say thank you to everyone that has participated in our little Book Club over the last 2 weeks. I’ve been floored by the reaction I’ve gotten. You guys are awesome.

If you haven’t read Identity Crisis turn back now! This thread is a discussion and will be filled with spoilers.

Identity Crisis
Written by Brad Meltzer, Pencils by Rags Morales, Inked by Michael Blair, Letters by Ken Lopez, Colors by Alex Sinclair, Edited by Mike Carlin

Was this your first time reading Identity Crisis?

What was your favorite issue? Favorite page?

How do you think this book holds up today?

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Quick heads up! This post is up early. Discussion isn’t scheduled to take place until tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 PM EST. I can’t lock the thread so please just keep that in mind and stop back tomorrow!

The host with the most,
Matt <3

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I shall wait until Saturday at noon to reveal my wonderful thoughts , thank you Matt! Here’s hoping Brad Meltzer can show up.

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I’m not spoiling because it doesn’t officially start until tomorrow but wow! Just…wow!!!


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This was my first time reading this series, but i heard of it and watched comicstorian with his rendition of this complete story


Since my friend explained Identity Crisis to me a few months ago, I thought the story would drag in for me. Quite the opposite actually! I was super excited to read every issue, I didn’t even realize it was midnight half way through! I liked how more of the lesser known characters were implemented in the story rather than just the Trinity. I feel like more recent comics are stepping aside from the more personal connections of characters to tell an epic tale. I tend to like a lot of the littler stories. Maybe Heroes in Crisis will do just that to me if it ever comes in my mail.

Matt I’m sorry I didn’t seek your comment. I forgot this is only in the states and I thought you lived in another country where it was already Saturday. My bad!

Hey just do chapter by chapter review tomorrow buddy all is well

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Woohoo hour and 10 minutes before the discussion begins all right

Yup, 45 min to show time. Will the author appear?

7 min

Discussion is live!

I want to start off by saying that one of my favorite things about this book is the Deathstroke fight. I love the way Ollie (I think it was Ollie) details each and every move Deathstroke does.


I think it was ollie but it’s flipping Slade Wilson: Deathstroke the Terminator


I also loved the supes and Green Arrow interactions. Those are my 2 favorite characters and it was great seeing them interact. The Boy Scout dog was hilarious

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@MattMcDonald that Deathstroke fight was epic. Really demonstrated in a unique way why and how he is such a formidable villain. To answer the main questions:

This was my first time reading Identity Crisis even though I’ve heard about it a little bit on the Geek History Lesson podcast.

My favorite issues was the first issue, simply because I really enjoy listening to Ralph talk about Sue. It’s just so genuine. Which only makes the whole thing even sadder. But my favorite page was when Batman was holding Robin over his father’s body. With the text “Batman and Robin. Orphans.” Tugs right at the heart strings.

These books are based heavily in emotion and the lost of a loved one, making them very relatable, so I do think they hold up today.


I loved this series with the twists and turns throughout

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Absolutely agree. The first issue was a gut punch. I had very little knowledge of this book prior to reading it this week. I was completely surprised by her death. In fact this book was filled with surprise after surprise. I can’t imagine reading this when it came out.

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@jay.period @Mattmcdonald i agree with both of you guys with the emotional impact this has even though this was my 2nd time this week reading all 7 issues

I’m traveling while trying to make these comments so I’ll probably make several short ones. Overall the artwork absolutely was perfect for this series there’s a lot of darker tones and an emphasis on people’s facial expressions that really helps with that emotional punch that the series has. There’s a lot of things here that Brad the author uses in his other literature of the idea of smaller secret societies within a bigger group, the concept of a small group of almost family- level friends watching is different members of their small group get killed and trying to figure out who on Earth is doing the killing… these things keep reoccurring in his many books.

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