DCU Book Club Week 106: BATMAN (2016-) Issues 48-50; Sep 21 - Sep 27

“THE BEST MAN” part one! Batman and Catwoman decide it might be better to elope rather than go through some big, stodgy wedding ceremony, but no sooner do they put their marriage on the fast track than The Joker appears! And when The Joker kidnaps the Caped Crusader, will he give his old foe a piece of his mind or bash in his brains?


Welcome back to another week of DCUBC. I hope you are all staying safe!

Grab your finest clothes, because this week DCUBC has been cordially invited to the wedding of Batman & Catwoman! That’s right, this week we are reading the infamous wedding issue (And the 2 issues prior) of Batman (2016). Batman and Catwoman getting married, What could go wrong?

How to join the fun:

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:clark_hv_1:Discussion Questions:clark_hv_5:

  • Is this your first time reading Batman (2016-) issues 48-50?

  • What were your expectations prior to reading?

  • What did you think of the Wedding issue? (Issue 50)

  • What was your favorite Page or Panel?

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  • Is this your first time reading Batman (2016-) issues 48-50?

Yes. I’ve never read any of this storyline to my knowledge. I actually haven’t read a lot of Batman books at all but am obviously familiar with the characters.

  • What were your expectations prior to reading?

I expect villains to show up and “crash the wedding” - Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Scarecrow are the first that come to mind. I expect the happy couple to be kicking ass side by side. I expect Alfred will be helping run things from behind the scenes - both for the wedding and the crime fighting- and I expect the Robin(s) to make numerous appearances.

Looking forward to it - check back in with y’all in five issues!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’ve actually read this before. About a year ago.

I never know what to expect when the Joker is on the scene.

I enjoyed it. The letters to each other are great, but what I really enjoyed was the homage to older artist work being reused for this issue.

This has always been my favorite version of Catwoman.
One last thing: The Joker killing off people in a church while a man prayed only to get shot himself was quite unnerving.

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I’ve always quite enjoyed King’s interpretation of Joker for this exact reason. Maybe it’s the art I’m not sure but it’s just creepy

Thanks for reading along!

This story got a lot of flack thanks to DC over-hyping it, but I really like it.

Same, which is one of the reasons i wanted to re read it. The story is really good when read on itself, without the multitude of tie in’s.

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Yes first time.

Well I guess with a lead up to a wedding I was most interested in why they decided to get married or not and why.

Issue 50 was a lot of fun because we get to see many different versions of Catwoman and Batman throughout the years and how Selina realize how much Gotham needs Batman evening their relationship is meant to suffer.

My favorite page was

this moment just made you realize again how much Alfred means to Bruce.


Another page I really like from this week’s issues.

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  • What did you think of the Wedding issue? (Issue 50)

I liked the letters that flowed through the entire issue and all the different art that accompanied them. It was like a wedding album and gave a lot of different looks to the characters and their relationship.

I didn’t like the ending as I had no idea what happened. So…they didn’t get married? Selina decided she couldn’t marry him because she’d make him happy and kill the bat? Why did he jump?

  • What was your favorite Page or Panel?

I loved issue #49 where it was just Joker and Catwoman talking and trying not to bleed out. My favorite page/panel was all the overhead looks at the two lying there with just “Later” as the text. That was a very enjoyable issue to read and a nice break from the non-stop action that most comics/issues are. Showing the rogues gallery as a gossiping collection of co-workers was fun.

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Such a touching moment. I was so emotional on that page.

Thanks for reading!

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That is my understanding. If he was “Happy” he couldn’t also be Batman. I think her thinking is that Gotham needs Batman, more than she needs him. If that makes sense.

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  • Is this your first time reading Batman (2016-) issues 48-50?

Not at all – I read it a couple of times in the past.

  • What were your expectations prior to reading?

When I was reading it as it came out, I legit thought that the ceremony was going to go smoothly, and that the rest of the run would be Batman and Catwoman learning to work together as true equals. Needless to say that’s…not quite what we got. :sweat_smile:

  • What did you think of the Wedding issue? (Issue 50)

I have to admit, when it first came out, I was a little disappointed at first. After all, the whole “will they won’t they” can get a little tiring after all, and I was wanting a status quo of them as a genuine couple for at least a little while longer.

But then I realized that there had to be more going on then this, and when you find out just who manipulated all of this, with Bane, Ventriloquist, Joker, Riddler, Gotham GIrl(!), and freaking Thomas Wayne/Flashpoint Batman(!?) … My disappointment quickly became curiosity to see where this would go next.

  • What was your favorite Page or Panel?

Gah, there’s so many to choose from! That’s especially true with #50, and all those awesome pin-ups by some of the greats. Jason Fabok, Jose Luis-Garcia Lopez, Frank Miller, Neil Adams, Lee Bermejo, Greg Capullo…


Oh Yes! This is golden!