DCU Book Club Week 100 (!) Superman: Brainiac Aug. 10 - Aug. 16

Thank you! And welcome![quote=“juskris, post:20, topic:1285969”]
The end though. :cry:

It’s a rough one isn’t it? Tears me down every time :sob:

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We’ve enjoyed having you! Thanks as always for stopping by:)

That’s one thing that always catches me off guard with this book. Just how creepy brainiac is. They really nailed the horror vibe to the character.


Forever grateful for you Don!

  • This is my first time reading it!
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was really curious about it.
  • Brainiac is one of DC’s best villains. He’s smart, powerful, technologically advanced, a bit creepy, intimidating, … It takes a lot to beat him! :superman_hv_1:
  • There were so many great panels, but this one warmed my heart!

This was an excellent story! I loved the time we spent at the Daily Planet and all of the drama there :laughing:

Great pick and revisit! @MattMcDonald

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Favorite panels:

Gotta agree with @juskris with the one where Supes say Welcome to Earth. reminded me of that scene in Independence Day :laughing:

Second one would put me right there with @Lecouch84 on Clark & Kara’s interactions with Cat Grant. I think I’m leaning more with Kara’s though “She should see a doctor” :rofl:

One thing I’ve noticed is that Frank does a great job with capturing the likeness of Margot Kidder for Lois in those first few panels but then seems to abandon it for the rest of the story.