DCU Book Club-Girl Power! Week 91 ARTEMIS in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS (2016-) Issues 8-11, June 8-14

“WHO IS ARTEMIS?” prologue! As Red Hood and the Outlaws gear up for their journey to Bana-Mighdall, shocking secrets from Artemis’ past come to light! Who is this mysterious Amazon warrior? What is her relation to Wonder Woman? And what makes her quest for the Bow of Ra so personal? Answers to all this and more in a thrilling new adventure with your favorite band of misfits!”


Thanks for stopping by for #dcubc-girl-power! This week we’re checking in on Artemis’s quest for the Bow of Ra. Fiery and fierce, and part of the “The Dark Trinity”, this story provides insight into Artemis’s past and her quest.

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• Read the story between Monday, June 8, 2020 and Sunday, June 14, 2020.

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  1. Is this your first time reading Who is Artemis??

  2. What is your history with Artemis?

  3. What do you think of Artemis?

  4. What was the standout moment in the story to you?

We’d love to hear your general reactions to and thoughts about the story - and see your favorite panels!

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Happy Reading!


This looks fun, bookmarked!

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Cannot wait to re read this. The art is beautiful and Artemis is truly a phenomenal character.

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Hi @Don-El!

Glad to hear it!

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Jason’s thought bubbles crack me up :laughing:


Happy Saturday! Discussion for Who is Artemis? continues throughout the weekend!

I should sue for Book Club infringement, but I’m still several months away from this story, so I won’t declare war…this time. :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun with the discussion.

If anyone @RenegadeRobinsClub wants to get in on an Outlaws discussion, jump in!


AlexanderKnox has summoned me!

Nope, read it before as a part of Rebirth RHATO.

Knew she existed and had had a run as WW before this, but hadn’t really read much with her before this. I’ve grown to really like her through RHATO, though.

I used to never have any particularly strong feelings about the character. My general approach to characters I don’t know is “Well, I’m sure I’d like them with a good story, but I haven’t done the reading yet/seen a take that works for me,” which applies to Artemis.

I wasn’t overly sold on her earlier in Rebirth RHATO. I felt like she needed a lot more depth and was being written as kind of two-dimensional. She grew on me over time, though, and I think this arc was when I first started to get into her.

I have one as a Jason fan, but for Artemis? I really liked all the Akila scenes, and was sad about how it ended. You could definitely tell that Artemis loved her, and that Akila did once, too. But my favorite of those scenes was the intro when Artemis and Akila were sparring with each other.


Yeah, that was a nice moment – getting to see the two of them together, happy and carefree, before things went horribly wrong really sells the tragedy of it all.

  • Is this your first time reading Who is Artemis? ?

Yeah – I had read the first arc of this run when I was trying in vain to collect all of the Rebirth line, but it was a title I had to put on the backburner.

  • What is your history with Artemis?

Comic wise, I know I’ve seen her show up in a few more recent Wonder Woman arcs and the like, but she wasn’t really used all that deeply. I have the “Wonder Woman by Mike Deodato” book in digital where she became Wonder Woman, but I’ve been holding off on reading that because I figure that will be used for WOW at some point. I did read the first arc of Steve Orlando’s WW right after Rucka’s that featured her and Aztek that was really cool.

Outside of that, I think the story where she had the most spotlight that I liked the most was the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie, where she was voiced by Rosario Dawson.

  • What do you think of Artemis?

After reading her here, I really like her. In a lot of ways, she feels like the rough, down to brawl, Amazonian badass that people want/assume that Wonder Woman is, but she is still very deep and complex. She’s crasser, more sarcastic, more willing to just throw down even if the situation doesn’t necessarily always call for it, but like Diana, she’s smart, cunning, and has a great sense of empathy for those around her.

  • What was the standout moment in the story to you?

In terms of Artemis, definitely the moment she picks up and is chosen by the Bow of Ra. It’s a moment I knew was going to happen, because it was shown in Orlando’s aforementioned run, but still very well done.

Also, there are the scenes with Jason and “Jason” as our lead guy on the team as he literally leaves behind the moment where he died. Great emotional growth for the character (though I get the feeling that will be conveniently forgotten by the time The Three Jokers releases…).

Really, I think Lobdell was doing a really neat parallel there between Akila and Jason when he was first resurrected. Both were crazed, vindictive, and didn’t really care too much about the casualties in the process of completing their goal.


Hi there! @mysterious_stranger

That’s cool. This arc pulled me in to her character as well.

I’m with you - those scenes were gold! Also, I loved the art in the fight scenes.

Thank you for joining the discussion and sharing your thoughts!


Hi! @Jay_Kay

I love your description of her!

Fantastic moments of growth for both of them. It’s cool to see such amazing moments for more than one character in a story arc.

:exploding_head: that is a great parallel! Awesome!

Thanks for joining in for the discussion and sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for posting this one, JL, I’ve been wanting to check out this particular version of Red Hood and the Outlaws for a while.

  1. first time reading? yes

  2. My history with Artemis? I read all her appearances back in the mid 90s when one of my favorite writers William Messner-Loebs came up with her as a compelling complex Amazon to dress like and to be the new Wonder Woman for a while. I have not read anything about Artemis since the 1990s that I recall before this.

  1. This version of Artemis seems younger and “greener” than the one I followed in the 90s. She is still very entertaining as a foil to Jason, but I’m kind of lost trying to connect her story dots between what happened in her youth and now, where she has been etc since that initial meeting with Diana.

  2. Stand out moment? Two: Bizarrro in just about any scene and Artemis with the bow.

Some favorite scenes:

This cover says, “Three is definitely enough for this team!”

Anytime this version of Bizarro speaks is usually classic and fun to read.


Hi! @Don-El

Great to see you!

I need to read the 90s version, it sounds like a great read.

:laughing: Yes, yes it does.

I agree.

Thanks for reading along and joining the discussion!

I believe that’s explained in the first arc of this series. Her, Jason and Bizarro all converge together because of being involved with Black Mask’s criminal empire.

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Yes first time reading.

History with Artemis is reading a little bit of her in Wonder Woman run and the Wonder Woman animated movie.

I really liked her. She was strong, passionate, understanding and believed in her team at the very end. It seemed she wanted to believe her friend was on the right side of things and not the enemy.

The standout moment was when we were left wondering what happened to Bizzaro.

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Hey there :wave: @Lecouch84

I felt so bad that things didn’t go the way Artemis had hoped it would.

Yes! It was so hard to stop reading, I need to know what happened to him!

Thanks as always for reading along and joining the discussion!

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Nope! I read this one issue to issue as it came out!

None really. I was familiar with the character, but I really never really had an opinion on her. It wasn’t until This book started that I really fell in love with the character.

Artemis rules. Like I said I really came to love her during this book. Upon re reading this that stays true. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Wonder Woman, but imo she’s way more than that. She’s angry, but she’s capable of opening up to people. She will fight you tooth and nail to the end.

A lot of moments really stood out to me, but my favorite would have to be this one: from the final issue:

This moment completely broke me. But I’m glad Artemis didn’t have to take her down herself. You could tell how much damage it did to her before.

I had a great time reading this again. I really missed this team more than I realized. Great pick @JLWWSM!!


I love Bizaro :sob::sob::pleading_face: