DCU Book Club-Girl Power! Week 65 POISON IVY: CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH (2016) #1-6, Dec 9 - Dec 15

Here’s some shots from Mann that I saved while reading I loved.

And here’s an unused sketch that’s in the collection.

Also, with this page, it was my hope/dream that she would adopt the pit bull. This needs to happen.

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Yes. Yes it does.

Thanks for sharing the panels! The first panel in your post directly above this was one of my favorites. She is beautifully drawn in the flower.

I did enjoy this mini series but really wish Clay Mann was able to pencil the whole thing. His art was really beautiful.

The Swamp thing appearance was great. My first experience with the character, really. Not sure how he showed up.

Im a fan of Ivy’s kids but not sure where i would go next. Wasnt enough time to devote to three distinct personalities


Hi @LK3185!
I’m so glad you enjoyed it and am glad you had a first experience with Swamp Thing! I hope you have a chance to explore him more. He’s an excellent character.

I wanted more time with them too. Maybe one day we’ll get to see more of them.

Thanks for reading a long and sharing your reflections with us!

Basically, with his connection to the Green – the combined power of all plant life on Earth – he’s able to travel and come from any form of plant life. Like if he needs to get to the city you live, he’ll travel through the green come out through your house plant and become your house plant.


I guess this is secret option #3: they kiss?

  1. Is this your first time reading Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death?
  2. A few iconic characters appear for supporting roles in this story, who was your favorite appearance?
    Swamp Thing
  3. Who did you suspect was the mystery killer? If you figured out the mystery killer before it was revealed, what clued you in?
    Thought it was Victor
  4. What was your favorite moment or panel?
    Issue #6, Page 17
  5. Do you want to see the CP Kids in other DC stories? Or do you prefer them in just this mini-series?
    Would like to see them in other stories to see how they are and how they’re coping with the world
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Yes this is the first time reading this series.

I enjoyed them all but I think seeing Catwoman or Harley were my favorites. It was cool seeing Harley and Ivy getting into a fight right in the first issue. Seeing Ivy needing Catwoman’s help to get into the abandoned research lab was a great way to get her involved in this series.

I had no idea everyone I thought of ended up dead.

Favorite moment was

I think it would be cool to see them pop up in other stories just to see how they are doing and what they have been up to since they left Ivy.

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Hi @ProActress2O :wave:

You were so close! I couldn’t figure it out. My suspects kept changing (or dying).

This was fantastic moment. Don’t mess with mom.

Also, I was completely surprised - and delighted - when Swamp Thing appeared.

:+1: I’d love to see that. Their three personalities unleashed on the world, with Ivy’s powers, would be entertaining to read/watch.

Glad to see ya’ and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Hey there @Lecouch84!

I agree. My favorite Harley moment was when she named them the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Same here!

Poor Thorn had been tortured and experimented on. I cheered when I saw that panel of her protecting her sister.

Thanks for reading along and sharing your reflections!


1.) First time!

2.) Catwoman for sure. I loved their little heist. Their relationship felt so deep despite her not being in the book much.

3.) I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue. For a minute I thought it was the creepy scumbag from the lab (Winston?). I figured he was playing dumb, but my suspicion didn’t last long. For obvious reason.

4.)How could it not be this?! How cool!

5.) I would love to see more of them! I liked them a lot. I love the way Ivy has to adapt to a motherly role.

Great pick! Loved all the artists on the book. Each change brought more for me to appreciate from the characters. This week was a real highlight for me.


Yeeeeessss! What an awesome moment!

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have this book in trade and love re-reading it. It’s really cool to see Ivy in a different light. The CP kids are entertaining!

Oh, and another favorite moment of mine was when that one nice assistant from the lab meets Swamp Thing for the first time and he comments how he sounds like a professional wrestler. :laughing:


As a wrestling fan, that popped me for sure

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1 Yup, first time reading. I was not aware it was pubished at all.

  1. Swamp thing was my favorite cameo appearance.

  2. I assumed it was someone like the Floronic Man.

  3. Among the favorite panels:

    (this reminds me of how my wife coddles her plants).

5.I notice they seem to be trying to bring back Rose and Thorn with these kids, but I’m pretty sure Bendis did that with his Legion / History series a couple of months ago too, so that’s complicated. I suspect we won’t be seeing the kids again.

It read more like a sci fi horror comic than a superhero genre read until Swamp Thing showed up in the final issue, then it rang more true to a DC hero universe feel.

Thanks for highlighting this one!


Hi @Don-El

Thinking outside of the box - I like that!

It definitely had an edge to it.

hmmmm. I’m intrigued.

You’re very welcome, and thank YOU for reading along with us and sharing your thoughts!