DCU Book Club-Girl Power! Week 109, MADAME XANADU: EXODUS NOIR (2008-) Issues 11-15, Oct 12-18

Writer Matt Wagner is joined by master illustrator Michael Wm. Kaluta (THE SHADOW) for this epic story starring the seductive sorceress Kaluta first envisioned 30 years ago. Weaving a mystery that jumps from the Spanish Inquisition to 1940s New York City, long-buried secrets are revealed as Madame Xanadu investigates a murder 500 years in the making.

”Exodus Noir’ part 1! A mystery jumps between the Spanish Inquisition and 1940s New York City. Long-buried secrets come back to life as Madame Xanadu investigates a murder 500 years in the making.”


Thanks for stopping by for #dcubc-girl-power! This week’s leading lady has been fighting and enduring supernatural escapades for centuries! Enter this book “freely, and be unafraid”.

:warning: This book is suggested for MATURE READERS.

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• Read the story between Monday, October 12, 2020 and Sunday, October 18, 2020.

• Reply your answers to the discussion questions, share your thoughts about the story, or both!

• Have fun discussing the book with the community. All are welcome to join, just jump right in!

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MADAME XANADU: EXODUS NOIR (2008-) Issues 11-15

:crystal_ball: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS :crystal_ball:

  1. Is this your first time reading Madame Xanadu?

  2. What’s one thing you’d like to know about Madame Xanadu that wasn’t revealed in this story?

  3. What was your favorite panel?

  4. What was the standout moment in the story for you?

We’d love to hear your general reactions to and thoughts about the story.

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Happy Reading!


Cool! Been wanting to try this book! Hopefully nothing won’t be lost by jumping in the middle of this series. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jay_Kay!

No worries - this story can stand on its own, without reading the previous issues. :slight_smile:

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Well, the covers certainly are beautiful

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Sneak preview of my thoughts, love this book. Never read it before but the series is on my must list now.


Fantastic! @msgtv Glad to hear that!

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I like how this story jumps between two time periods!

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And ties them together so perfectly. Will give my complete thoughts in the next day or two, but I’ve finished this arc and wanted to say this is why I always look to see what the DCU Book Club’s reading of the week is. Sometimes I’ve read them or it just doesn’t register enough to make it on to my long reading list. But, then something like this comes along. I’ve never read it, and probably never would have but if the rest of her '08 series is as good as this I’ll be thrilled because I’m reading them.


You warmed my heart @msgtv! Thank you for sharing that beautiful reply and reflection on the club.


First I want to parrot what @msgtv said, while I don’t always finish or get the time to comment on the books here, I really appreciate this club for directing me to books I was meaning to try or hadn’t heard of. :slight_smile:

  1. Is this your first time reading Madame Xanadu?

Yes! I was curious about it since it was added to DCU a while back.

  1. What’s one thing you’d like to know about Madame Xanadu that wasn’t revealed in this story?

I’m curious about her past origins and dealings with Merlin, never thought of her as being that old.

  1. What was your favorite panel?

I didn’t get a specific panel out, but I really enjoyed the artist’s storytelling and unique panel layouts. Not a bad page anywhere!

  1. What was the standout moment in the story for you?

I think I’ll go with The Sandman coming into the picture. It’s cool seeing some of these classic Golden Age characters come into play – especially since the writer, Matt Wagner, also had a long arc on The Sandman back in the 90s called Sandman Mystery Theatre – another book I’ve been wanting to try for a while.


The covers on this series are incredible. Just this one, beautiful half face image of Xanadu, whose holding cards that the full profile Xanadu is resting her arm on. The detailed line work and the color pallet, give the covers and the interiors the feel of a Golden Age comic but oh so much better.

The Golden Age feel is enhanced by placing the main story in the '40s, and then you get the Sandman in his original far cooler look.

For some reason, I had just read Madame Xanadu #1 for the '70s and it was enjoyable, but that was my only exposure to Xanadu outside of a team book. I really enjoyed her as the prime protagonist of the story in the '40s portion. I also appreciated how the Spanish Inquisition portion tied to the '40s, and this look into Xanadu over her very long life.
First rate read. A+


Thanks @Jay_Kay! :blue_heart:

For her dealings with Merlin, read issues 1&2, you’ll learn a lot about them and her age. It’s very entertaining!

I agree about the art. I think it really captured the tone and the time periods.

Sandman surprised me too.

Thanks for joining in and sharing your thoughts!

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I agree. It’s gorgeous!

Again, I agree. It was interesting to see how the case in the 40s tied so closely to her life in Spain centuries earlier.

I’m glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and the panels.

Yes first time.

Probably the one thing that I would have liked to known about Madame Xanadu that wasn’t in this story is why she came to Spain in the first place and was she planning on stay even if she didn’t fall in love with Marisol.

My favorite panel was when we found out who the Sandman was and the earlier encounter he had with Madame Xanadu.

My standout moment was when the demon was revealed and everything came together between the two time periods.


Just a quick note, went back to issue #1. Amy Reeder is on art, completely different style, but also perfect. And, no spoilers but deep history on Xanadu.


Great to see ya’! @Lecouch84

That’s a great question. I’ve read issues 1-15 of this series and that information was not revealed (so far).

Sandman for the win!

Same - this moment was stunning!

As always - thank you for reading along. It’s always a treat to hear your thoughts!


Glad to hear it - issue 1 is good! I’ve read 1-15. I’m hoping to finish the full series soon. I’ve really enjoyed the writing, art, and seeing her through the different time periods.

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