DCU Artists

Have any of the DCU artists considered doing tutorials for those that want to be good at art ?

So any volunteers?

  • Good idea
  • Not so good idea
  • Half and half
  • Ask me later
  • Why am I even voting?
  • Bored out of my mind
  • Why are there so many options?
  • Whose idea was this?

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To those voting, don’t worry about mixed signals.
Tuesday March 3 2020


I like this idea, just wondering how it would start and if there would be different skill lvls.


I feel like I sent mixed signals, but it did say I could choose seven options.


I don’t know why you voted.
All the options are because I wanted to put more than Good/Bad.
I think it was my idea.
And I was bored.

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And I keep meaning to put together a Tutorials page for the Fan Art club, but I don’t feel confident enough at my skill level to make my own


The shame!

This would be such a great idea! There are so many wonderful artists in the community with very different styles.


Ohhhhh you meant the Community artists… At first I thought you meant the professional DC artists. :laughing:

So I found out that I need to learn how to draw really good by April.
Tuesday March 10 2020