"DC's Year of the Villain" one-shot. *spoilers from Justice League are present*

Debuting on May 1st and only costing a quarter, is the above mentioned comic featuring stories by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Brian Michael Bendis. Art will be by Alex Makeev, Jim Cheung (reason enough to get this) and Francis Manapul.

Looks to be about Lex and the Legion of Doom harnessing the powers of Perpetua following her release after the Source Wall was destroyed. Then setting the Year of the Villain theme into full effect. The Batman Who Laughs looks to be a big player in it too.

The variant covers look cool, especially the Cheetah one by Stanley Lau.

What do you think about this book? It’s a must buy, especially for a quarter.

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Bump. This book is featured in the new issue of DC Previews. Thoughts on what it could entail and what could come from it?

It’ll probably also be free digitally too

Or for a quarter too. I’m buying it that way, so we’ll see =)

I will definitely be picking this up. Looks like this issue is setting the groundwork for the year.

Honestly I’ll probably skip this and let others keep me up to date on the goings on with it. I sat out the other villain themed things during the N52 and frankly I’m really only following one DC book religiously every month which is Red Hood: Outlaw. While the “Year of the Villain” theme might impact that book a bit (and honestly I don’t know if it will or really if the book itself is going to even survive the publishing cut backs DC is rumored to be doing) I’m not really all that enthused about yet another villain themed deal and to be honest I can’t stand the Batman Who Laughs either.

@JT428 fair enough.

I’m very curious to see what happens with Perpetua. Not to mention if the Source Wall will eventually be rebuilt or if there’s other threats that will be known to the universe now.