DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Thread (Warning: Here There Be Spoilers)

The true Big Bad of Season 7 has finally been revealed and it’s Evil Gideon, not Bishop, I didn’t expect that twist. Nate and Zari continue to make me happy! Gary and Gideon a ship? I actually kind of like it.


I loved “A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!” One of the great things about Legends of Tomorrow is that, unlike some other time travel shows and even period pieces, it does not ignore the racism present in the past. And I liked that it took center stage in this episode. I have to admit that. like Astra, I would probably balk at being told what my place was! Anyway, I enjoyed Zari and Behrad preparing Nate in the totem. And I continue to enjoy seeing Gideon experiencing being human. Matt Ryan also continues to shine as Davies. I do wish Evil Gideon had appeared in this episode, but then I can forgive her absence giving the end! Apparently she has built robot versions of the Legends. Or maybe they are clones? At any rate, it’s great seeing Legends dip into the “evil twin” trope!


Legends going all Criminal Syndicate on us with evil Legends, LOL. I agree about Legends never ignoring racism and sexism, it just hurts. Gideon and Gary are so adorable. I can’t believe they actually gave Bishop a heroic death! Bishop of all people!


This season has been so fragging good! Evil Legends?! Oh, noooo! Bishop dying a heroic death, never saw that coming! Gary and Gideon being cute, with Gideon’s inner thoughts, haha! Nate moving in with Zari, but we better not lose either of them!



Great MidSeason

Our heroes land smack in the middle of the War Efforts. The team devises a plan to rebuild there time machine.

B and Z2 teaching Nate was great. Fun stuff about the culture hospitality. And Bishop doing his thing was great. Being his Bishop self but helps them with the Gideon device. Fun stuff with her and Gary.

Sarah and Ava build and take. The conveyor belt scene with Ava was great. A Classic.

The racism and sexism strong in the time as the team deals with making changes for the better. Astra takes he helm and make the work place better for all. The plane is down and thing seem great until the end.

Bishop makes the ultimate sacrifice to let the team escape. But then it’s revealed the villains are evil Gideon and evil legends. What a twist.

Where did our heroes land? Can the stop there evil selfs? Or is the team doomed? All this and more when they return January 12th. Same Legendary Time Same Legendary Channel


While the Legends don’t return until Jan. 12 i just learned that their sometime ally Beebo might be our only hope to salvage the Holidays in the Dec. 1 special Beebo Saves Christmas. It might be the only taste of Legends we get until the new year.


Thanks for the reminder! I’d heard about Beebo Saves Christmas earlier in the year, but I forgot all about it!

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Yeah, same lol. It really shows their skills of survival and how they can cope without the tech.