DC's Judge Dredd Series

I only bought one issue of this (#3 I think) from a comic store when the Stallone movie came out. I liked it at the time, but it was my only exposure to Dredd (and I didn’t see the movie until early '96).

What’s the happs/good word on this series? Worth a read or worth stuffing a rabbit cage with?

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Vroom I could be wrong but I get the sense maybe something as high as 80% of the DCU members either just started reading comics about 2 years ago or less or maybe broke into it during New 52.

However the rest of us 20% certainly will give this heavy thought… I personally never bought this , unlike most everything else ever published…

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I never read any DC Dredd beyond one of the Batman crossovers (which was decent if not great; hard to tell as there was a bunch of continuity from previous issues that I was missing out on).

I will say that the original 2000 AD books are really good especially since they show off a lot of talent that would hit big with DC in the 80s and 90s including early work by Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and Steve Dillon. They’re available in big volumes by year for about 20 bucks a pop.


@DE That’s fine. They then have alot of cool stuff from the past to learn about, get excited for and read =)

@The DemonEtrigan I saw some thick 2000AD Judge Dredd collections at Barnes and Noble a few years ago for about $20 each or so (they were in the markdown area up front). They were very, very tempting but I knew I’d only read them sparingly (if that) so I passed.

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I bought the first three at B&N because I was curious to see if the comics lived up to the hype. The first volume feels alot like silver age DC in that the stories are largely standalone but they’re alot shorter…I think most are under ten pages long…as the series evolves the stories become more serial. It really starts to get good during the second volume with The Cursed Earth arc. Sadly this story is missing a few issues in the complete case files due to legal challenges from McDonalds and Burger King but I think they released it separately uncut a few years back.

Mickey D’s and BK? Lemme guess, they were featured in the background(s) of some of those comics and the respective lawyers of each eatery got burnt patties over the issues in question.

More like their mascots were used satirically as the basis for a couple of gangs in the Cursed Earh.

Come to think of it, it may have been KFC not Burger King that sued.

Now I’m curious to see what the hubbub is about…

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