DC's Hidden Gems Sale

Titles worth reading that are not available on DCU:

-the Before Watchmen trades
-Green Lantern: Earth One Volume One
-The Sheriff of Babylon
-Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil
-JLA: Earth 2
-Batman: Noel
-Dark Night: A True Batman Story
-Get Jiro!

There’s alot more books (a ton of Vertigo in particular) but the above are the tip of the iceberg. Most titles are $5.99.



Wow, that’s like the same or better than when I go to the Big B comics chain up in Canada a few times a year and get the US / Canada dollar exchange rate difference plus the fact that they already take 40% off the stuff is is wonderful, thanks Vroom.

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… and you know I’m struggling for space in my home office so this is great …there’s no space taken by a digital copy.

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I’m going to second that Dark Night: A True Batman Story recommendation. That book is absolutely fantastic. The Eduardo Risso art is a particular stand-out.

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@Don-El You’re welcome. I hope you’ve found some good reads.

@Batwing52 I think Paul Dini’s middle name is “Asolutely Fantastic” as that describes his work to the nth degree. I’ve never disliked anything he’s written.


@Vroom, Great list good sir, I will definitely check out DN: A True Batman Story. “I new he was real!” and I have been wanting to read the b4 watchmen trades.

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@Aquamon If I may, I’d recommend your first Before Watchmen read be Before Watchmen: Nite-Owl/Dr. Manhattan.

J. Michael Straczynski (The Brave and The Bold, the Grounded arc of Superman, The Odyssey arc from Wonder Woman, the Superman: Earth One Trilogy) wrote both minis, with Adam and Andy Kubert pencilling Nite Owl and Adam Hughes pencilling Dr. Manhattan (it was Hughes’ first interior artwork in years and years).

Splendid stuff, just splendid.