DCFAC August Challenge: DC Masterpiece

For August, the @DCFanArtClub was challenged to give a DC spin to a famous piece of artwork of their choosing. Please view and support their submissions below!

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There’s no way I’m going to be finished by today, but I’ve worked too hard to make a sloppy rush job of it at this point. :persevere: So here’s proof that I’m not slacking, as usual:



@CynicalPink the painting I chose was St Michael Vanquishing Satan by the great Renaissance painter Raphael.
I replaced St Michael with Zauriel and Satan with Neron.
I am posting first the original painting and then my drawing.


I went with Banksy.


Breaking out of the comfort zone. Nice.


“Creation of Adam”

Original Masterpiece:

My piece:


Haven’t inked mine yet

I am very proud


@CynicalPink Can’t wait to see the finished product! By the looks of it so far it will be great!

@ImpulseMaxMercury Better and better every time! The proportions are well done and the wings look awesome!!!

@jdebottis.93473 This is superbly done! I love Deadman, but the background is my favorite part.


because I"M BATMAN!


I have one too but I am way behind. I’ll still post it if that’s ok.


Sorry I haven’t participated much, I’ve been pretty busy doing…well…ok, I don’t have an excuse. I just haven’t been very motivated.


Angle of Revelation by William Blake:

lux et spes iustitia


These are awesome™:+1:





That was the goal, but it’s a mess. A fun mess, but a mess. Fingers crossed it works out in the end. :crossed_fingers:

I totally understand that mood. No pressure, and in the meanwhile, thank you for still popping in to say hi. We’ll be here waiting for you when inspiration strikes. :slight_smile:


@ImpulseMaxMercury Incredible! Every week you’re getting better. The wings and details of Zauriel’s costume (like the leg wrappings) are beautifully done, as is the landscape. It looks like a lot of time and care were put into getting this just right. I hope you’re keeping all your work safe, so that you can look back at it when our club hits the one-year mark and see how much you’ve accomplished.

@jdebottis.93473 Already gushed about the composition itself, but wanted to add I also admire your coloring. The stains on the walls are amazing.

@RobArt471 Fantastic how you took the original concept and totally reworked it into your own, while still keeping it recognizable at a glance. As always, your work is bursting with energy, too. This is another one I wish I could have seen colored.

@TheRealDetectiveChimp Looking forward to your inks, if you add them!

@Goldk You can definitely post it late. Welcome to the official procrastination party.

@AquamonC137 Whoo, you finished!! I hope everyone passing this way downloads your art so they can see all the details of the JL and Lois. The colors are gorgeous, especially with that rolling sea and the crag of land. The arm and hands look great, too (I remember you wanting to tweak them to get them more in proportion with one another). Are you glad you skipped adding that top bit with the additional painting? I think it looks really well composed as is. I hope you wind up framing it!

@loganmichaelphilips I’m still highly amused by the boxers and pile of skeets. And Booster time skipping around to get himself cast as all the leads in a Renaissance master’s work sounds extremely plausible. :sweat_smile:


What time is the party? I’m probably going to be late.


It starts whenever you arrive



Aqua, i see you tip tappity typing away, but I really need to head to bed. :pray: forgive me. I’ll look forward to reading your reply tomorrow!


Thank you! I hope your recovery is going well. Thanks for noticing the little details, I might post another pic with a close up on them, it was a pain, they’re only 2 inches LOL. Next time I do a piece with small detail I’m not gonna use watercolors :laughing:. I tried a couple of times to get the color and style right with the water and land but couldn’t get it quite right so just winged it and did my own thing. Not quite like the original but think it works well enough. The sky was the easiest and most enjoyable part, I thought it would be the hardest. LOL.

I’m glad I didn’t add the other painting. I would not have had the time and though it was a cool idea, I don’t think it would have looked right with adding another light source. Just realized I totally forgot to paint the red sun for Kandor :laughing:

Totally gonna frame this! I know it has some mistakes but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out for just being my second go at painting. Would probably never have given this a go if not for this club. :hugs: