DCEU: Should it reboot?

Okay, so Marvel is doing everything right with their live action movies. Should DC just reboot the DCEU? Affleck is gone and I think Henry is too. These characters are so popular and well known and it would be so cool to start a universe with them like Marvel did. Except, make sure the movies are good. BvS, Suicide squad, Justice League, ALL great ideas for a movie but we all terrible (IMO). So idk, for me, lets reboot the universe because it feels messy. What do y’all think?


I hope not

No way. Just use Flashpoint to keep what works, fix what is broken, and expand. If Cavill is gone (I’m not convinced), just say Supes is missing. They have already set up Supergirl if you need to have a Kryptonian. And who says Bruce has to be Batman? Maybe, The Batman will be a “passing the torch” story? I think Aquaman is going to be a slam dunk. Wonder Woman is great and 1984 looks interesting. I have very high hopes for Flash because there is so much potential there. Not to mention Robbie’s Birds of Prey and James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2. The world is built and all the pieces are there. They just have to be properly assembled.


I agree with Ommin. I personally don’t like a lot of what’s been put out, but it exists and can be improved upon. I think the actors they have are talented, and the concepts and ideas from their creative team are good, but it doesn’t translate well into the final product.

Even though I’m also a Marvel fan, I think DC has all of the resources to elevate the brand beyond what Feige and his team have put together. It needs a better creative vision, but mainly a willingness to take more risks from their standard superhero formula.


No I think we should continue as we ate with a lot of well needed solo films then do JL2 down the line like 2022-23


All above have great viewpoints. Maybe a soft reboot like the new bumblebee movie.

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I dont want them to reboot it… i just wish Warner Bros would stop being dicks and just let the directors show us their visions. Im not gonna say Snyder had the best vision possible for the DC universe but we all like different interpretations of these characters. You cant please everyone. But there were some that did like what snyder was trying to do.

For example… Some prefer the Animated series batman as being the best Batman others say the Burton or the Nolan Batman… either way you look at we were getting their versions of these characters. I just wish they let Snyder finish his vision and then they could of rebooted it or simply expand on it.


If they could reboot but keep the same Wonder Woman and aquaman and flash actors that would be awesome. The old Batman movies changed Batman’s 3 times so there is really no reason why the dceu couldn’t reboot with a new tone and new Batman and Superman if need be.