DCEU should break the source wall ?

I think it will be a mistake for the dceu to build to darkseid I think they should avoid him for the time being. I really think they will have a hard time getting over the hurtle called thanos and I think they should go the source wall way I mean they can tweak the story this will bring another threat for the future but also save darkseid

This is a really interesting idea,@ jaywavy1. I like it a lot :slight_smile:

What does the rest of the community think? Should DCEU hold off on Darkseid?
Who would win a fight Darkseid or Thanos? I know who my money is one $$ #InfinityStonesAreCheating

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I seen darkseid do much more then thanos in the comics lol but but with the solo GL film and possibly the new gods film we can learn of the source wall then crack it lol but I think sups should encounter darkseid similar to Batman super man apocalypse and will give sups a front row seat of how powerful darkseid is

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I want to see Darkseid on film but it’s probably not a good idea right now. Source Wall would definetly be great for Green Lantern Corps or especially New Gods but New Gods better at least have a Darkseid cameo or lots of references with Apokolips and New Gensises being around.

Shame about there not being a Justice League 2 in the near future as I liked the end credits scene in JL with Lex and Deathstroke

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I agree I think the source wall can be great for the whole justice league and I think darkseid can still be used great but I think the showdown between darkseid and JL should hold off that doesn’t mean we won’t see darkseid