DCEU Question

So, I’m sure this is just some bs rumor or another form of false reporting, but I just wanted some insight regarding this topic.

I was reading an article about the Green Lantern Corps movie and apparently, John Stewart will take on the “lead role” for the Lantern position in the Lantern position.

Obviously, this is super early since we don’t have much to go off of. However, if there is any truth behind this statement, I will be SEVERALLY disappointed. Thoughts?

I didn’t mean to repeat myself twice in one of the paragraphs. I was trying to multi task while typing lol. Just caught that

John Stewart is my favorite. Only because of the Justice League cartoon though. I haven’t read much Green Lantern comics that don’t feature Hal.

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John is cool and all but there’s a reason why he lives in Hal’s shadow.

Plus, that would be the biggest slap in the face to not only Geoff Johns but Hal fans as well.

For better or worse, Hal Jordan got his movie. Then again, John Stewart did get the Justice League animated series, so maybe they should go for Simon Baz instead.

How is that a slap in the face to Hal fans? I think John Stewart is a more interesting lantern. And in 2019, it makes more sense to have Hal pass the ring on to John. We’ve seen the Hal movie… and I’ll pass on another of those.

I’m a huge fan of Hal Jordan and I have no qualms whatsoever about John Stewart getting the spotlight in the GLC movie.