DCEU moving forward

Just curious for what movies are currently in the pipe, what’s gotten the axe, and after some of the early reviews of Shazam being positive, does the dceu still need to be Flashpointed? Personally I think having the whole multiverse thing works so that any cameos or later movies with superman or batman can be kosher as not being Affleck or Cavill present, and just be like “oh that they’re from earth x,y,z” to explain differences in appearance.

Theres a saying in Hollywood that “no project is ever truly dead”. Anything canceled can always be brought back to the idea table. Actual confirmed and greenlit projects at this point are:

Birds of Prey: and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman 1984


The Batman

Suicide Squad 2

Aquaman 2

I believe there is one more but I’m drawing blanks.

There are some projects “in development” but arent necessarily definite

Plastic Man
The Flash
The New Gods
Green Lantern Corps
The Trench
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold

I think that covers it

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I left out Shazam as it’s almost the release date