DCEU Appreciation Thread

Hey folks. Been a long while since I started a new thread :slightly_smiling_face:. Watched Aquaman The Lost Kingdom a few days ago (fun times; recommended!) and when the credits rolled it kinda hit me that, this it. What started with Man Of Steel in 2013 is over, and a new cinematic take on our beloved heroes starts next year (wishing James Gunn & Co all the best with their upcoming slate). Since I don’t currently have something to binge through, I decided to rewatch the whole thing, beginning to end, and muse about my viewings as I go here. To be clear, as you may have surmised from the title, this is not intended to be an objective review thread of the DCEU. I’m familiar with the movies’ shortcomings. Familiar all too well, actually. There are countless posts and threads that break the movies down, and in many cases tear them apart. This is not that. It’s an unabashed appreciation thread in which I hope to look back at all the good times the movies brought us. Join me! Pick a movie, any DCEU movie, from 2013 onwards, and post your positive thoughts :00_dc_2016: :smiley:

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Man Of Steel (2013)
Visually, it’s everything I want in a Superman movie. His powers are on full display, and the action is heart pounding. Zack Snyder does a fantastic job capturing everything from the rusted handle and weathered paint on the Kents’ farmhouse door to sprawling aerial battles with alien spacecraft. Henry Cavill looks like he was made for the role, and captures a side of Clark Kent we hadn’t seen much of before: the isolation that can come with knowing how different one may be from everyone around them, and overcoming that to become a symbol of hope. Then there’s the music… and this will be a common aspect in several of my upcoming posts. What a wonderful score by Hans Zimmer. There’s the subtlety of those three piano notes in the beautiful Clark Kent theme, the soaring heights of Superman’s flight theme, then there’s the rhythmic excitement of the music accompanying Supes’ fights with the world engine and Zod.

Great movie, one that I have watched numerous times, and it’s always as entertaining as the first time :00_superman1:


Aquaman and the Lost KIngdom - Really good.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Really good… but Zachary Levi (and one would think the director’s) choices have always been questionable. Never once does he try to match Asher Angel— and where is Asher Angel in this movie, anyway?

Blue Beetle - Still pretty great, and maybe the most entertaining of the three, but still a bit of CW/Max movie. Which is not a problem.

The Flash - Ultimately bad. There’s not much in this movie that isn’t done as well or better on the CW’s best episodes. The ending is terrible. The movie is built off Man of Steel, but we don’t get to see Superman. The highlights are Gal Godot, and avatars of Christopher Reeve and Helen Slater. It should be our new Supergirl and classic Batman-- and you know, the Flash— but they all wind up to be pretty meaningless.


I agree-- it’s a good, slightly different take on classic themes.


This remains my all-time favorite Superman movie and Cavill is easily my favorite live-action Superman.

For a little anecdote about this movie, I saw it the summer after my freshman year of college and was pretty cautiously neutral about it. The movie instantly became my favorite Superman adaptation but one particular scene stood out to me. The flashback to a young Clark Kent discovering his enhanced senses and becoming so overwhelmed that he hid in a closet to try to stave off the overstimulation.

I have a type of sensory disorder and I found the scene extremely relatable. I’m always hearing and seeing and feeling everything in the foreground and background and it’s often extremely difficult for me to tune out stimuli. It strangely has its benefits because I see and hear a ton of small details in movies and shows the first time around but there are times when I can get so overstimulated that I feel like I want to hide from everything. I sometimes joke with my family and friends that I have “Kryptonian hearing” :sweat_smile:. Even though Clark’s super senses are waaay stronger, it was a neat scene and I could relate to the embarrassment he must have felt in that moment too. Poor Clark.

But that moment aside, Cavill’s soft-spoken demeanor, the intricacies and colors of the suit (Cavill’s blue suit will always be my favorite live-action Superman costume), the action, Hans Zimmer’s score, I could gush on and on about this movie. It truly feels like an epic film and it’s incredibly re-watchable. I wish we got more of Cavill’s Superman but I’m grateful that we got Man of Steel and two team-up movies with him. :smile:


Wow. Thank you for sharing that personal perspective @WWofThemyscira. It’s always a nice bonus when we connect with a movie in that manner. I think we share more or less the same perspective. I too wish we got more Henry, the battle with Darkseid, the showdown with Black Adam, etc. However, instead of thinking of what could’ve been, I’m trying to look back with a fond eye for what we did get, while looking forward to the new things coming :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you! :smile:

Good point! What we got was, in my opinion, the best live-action DC franchise. I didn’t love all of it (both Suicide Squad movies and especially Peacemaker were…not my cup of tea to put it lightly) but the majority of it was excellent! Many of my favorite iterations of certain DC characters outside of the comics come from the DCEU.


The DCEU is kind of why I’m here…

I’ve always been aware of DC characters and such… the late 2000’s early 2010’s I was getting into the Batman: Arkham games and the animated Justice League and Arrow shows were on Netflix. But man, that pre-hype for BvS changed me.

Only two movies that I didn’t really care for… but hey, that’s not bad!

It’s a bummer they couldn’t stick with the plan they kinda had… we’d be wrapped up with this universe and rebooting it right about now anyways ironically.


That’s pretty special! I kind of have a similar attachment… more about Clark trying to find his purpose and sense in the world. I’ve been struggling for years, trying to figure myself out.

I also really love that they gave him agency. It was his choice to become “Superman”.


I remember it so well and LOVED it. I was a kid during the Raimi Spider-Man hype and the Nolan Batman hype and they were awesome but man oh man was the hype for BvS (and Wonder Woman the next year) something special :grin:

All of this.


I remember that I used to fantasize about what the ideal “perfect” movies would be like for each of the big three. I was unsure about Man of Steel from the marketing, admittedly. It looked good but not exactly what I wanted from a Superman film. But it turned out to be almost everything I would have wanted in my “perfect Superman” movies and more. The idea of Superman gaining his principle against killing from regret over having killed was extremely clever in my opinion.

While we never got a Batfleck solo movie, Batman’s scenes in BvS and ZS Justice League were pretty much exactly what I’d pictured for a truly authentic Batman.

And Wonder Woman…well, I could geek out over the 2017 movie forever if you let me :sweat_smile: That was almost exactly what I imagined the perfect Wonder Woman movie would be. My idea had it set in World War II and I was confused by the World War I setting at first. But then I realized that it was such a genius move. The movie needed a morally complex war for Diana’s arc and you can’t do that in World War II because one side has nazis on it. The World War I change was perfect.

Also, I’m just gonna say it…I love Wonder Woman 1984. It’s not perfect, and I don’t love it quite as much as the first, but I still adore it. 2017 Wonder Woman is my favorite DCEU film, DC film, and one of my all-time favorite films overall.

And the DCEU “made Aquaman cool” by giving people comic-accurate lore and characterization and making them realize he’s literally always been cool. I will always love that as a longtime Aquaman defender.


I remember watching this Man of Steel trailer when I was 9 years old. I was pumped because we were essentially getting Batman Begins but with Superman and I loved the Nolan trilogy, especially back then when The Dark Knight Rises had just come out a year prior. When i finally watched i remember not thinking much about it, I guess it didn’t live up to my expectations. I was initially excited about BvS, but I was disappointed to know that Bale wasn’t reprising his role as Batman. That should’ve been obvious after TDKR but I was 10, give me a break lol.

Not long after I fell off superheroes. I was really only interested in Batman related things like the Arkham games or watching Batman cartoons but that’s about it. I was pretty ignorant to DC stuff at this point, I think the only movies I had heard about were Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Shazam. I wasn’t interested in the Avengers either, I remember hearing all the hype of Infinity War at my school and I just did not care. I didn’t realise how much I missed out :sweat_smile:

It wasn’t until I heard about the Snyder Cut that I was like “meh why not?”. I had just started reading comics so I was slowly getting back into Superheroes. I was still ignorant about the movies though so I didn’t know why the Snyder cut was even a thing or if I had to watch anything before. I didn’t even remember Man of Steel at this point. I went in with a clean slate. I started watching it and I was completely enthralled with the story. It reminded me of why I loved Superheroes (especially the Justice League) so much as a kid. That movie single-handedly solidifed my return to Superheroes and is the reason why I’m even in this forum lol. I watched Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman not long after and while I understand why people didn’t like them, I personally enjoyed them, I see it as almost a long 9 hour epic movie. Usually if I watch Man of Steel, I want to watch BvS and ZSJL not long afterwards.

Then I watched the rest of the DCEU and I realized how much I mostly enjoyed the movies. Even the weakest movies imo (Black Adam and Shazam 2) were somewhat enjoyable. I loved Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. Aquaman is still my favorite solo Superhero movie just because of how much it looks like a comic book.It’s funny how I didn’t care about BvS because it didn’t have Bale in it but now Batfleck is my favorite Batman. I feel like watching DCEU movies near the end of its life was a blessing in disguise because I got to judge the movies for what they were. I know I would’ve been pissed if I had followed the DCEU when it was coming out lol.


My bad I wrote an entire book in one reply :joy:


This is a good point that I hadn’t really thought of before. The movie really drives that point home, but you never really stop to think about it because, well, Superman…


First of all, I want to pay my respects to the DCEU. It’s been a fun and equally odd journey with this universe.

I did rate my top five favorite DCEU films in order:

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  3. Aquaman
  4. Shazam
  5. The Suicide Squad (2021)

I don’t remember much of Man of Steel. I had seen that with the family when I was around 12 years old, when it came out in theaters. None of us really cared for it, but I do appreciate the difference in tone even though I do prefer a brighter and happier Superman, if that makes any sense lol


Nonsense, I enjoyed reading it! For comparison, I was 36 when BvS came out, so it’s nice to hear/read a younger perspective.


That’s a perfectly reasonable assumption though. Man of Steel used the Nolanverse Wayne logo on the satellite in the final fight scene so my immediate assumption was “Oh nice, this is in the Nolanverse.” And then I was mildly surprised when they announced that Ben Affleck would be Batman next.

I also did NOT understand the hate he got after being announced. I know it’s a given at this point that any new Batman actor gets some kind of backlash before the movie comes out and suddenly everyone likes them but I seriously just did not comprehend why so many people got so angry about the casting.

Oh, same. I strangely felt that 2017 Justice League was “okay-ish” when I first saw it. Passable, inoffensive, good enough. I did not jump on the Snyder Cut hype train at all, even when the reports of Whedon being an abusive bully came out (which ruined Whedon’s work for me forever). To me it just sounded like a whole lot of over-hyping for just a slightly different version of a decent movie.

I got slightly interested when DCEU actors started lobbying for the Snyder Cut and then the DC FanDome’s “hallelujah trailer” actually got me legitimately hyped. I saw the movie, it instantly become one of my all-time favorite superhero movies, and now the 2017 cut is unwatchable to me. Really shows how much of a difference an alternate cut can make.


Oh for sure! In fact, the DCEU in general has this feeling to me.

It was a good book and I enjoyed reading it! :grin:


Missed out big time lol

No worries. Nice to hear that another member got into all this around the same age I started


That was exactly my family reaction as well. I still enjoyed a lot of what Man of Steel had to offer but it does feel kinda cold and emotionless but I still enjoy some aspects of it like the score, the visuals, and it personally heightens my enjoyment of it when I watch it with the rest of the Snyder trilogy.


It had a period from 2017-2019 where they were making very good movies.