DCEU and Snyder

With the Snyder Cut coming out next year (Can’t wait) does anyone think that AT&T will let Zack continue his vision of the dceu and anyone think Ben Affleck will return as Batman ? Also what does everyone think of the Ray Fisher reveal about Joss?

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I believe the main Snyder Cut discussion is going on in the following thread:


I think anything can happen with Affleck at this point

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I hope he returns after rewatching dawn of justice there’s so much potential to his Batman and the dceu

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The only problem with Ben is it’s a different situation to other people who are returning to roles. He left off his own back due to mental
Illness which the role had a massive part in, but anything is possible. If this movie comes out and everyone I raving about how good Ben is, then he might be tempted to come back, as long as Batman doesn’t die.

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I wonder if Geoff Johns and jon berg had a hand in it to rundown Ben during reshoots ? Cause they and WB wanted a younger Batman

As far as Snyder I am assuming it will depend on how well the Snyder Cut does. And it may do well, but I think a lot got caught up so much in the “movement” and celebrating it worked that they forgot most were not happy with Synder’s previous films. I mean everyone blames the split vision for the movie losing money, and obviously it was a factor. But most I knew who didn’t see it didn’t see it because after being disappointed in every DCEU movie prior to that save maybe Wonder Woman, they decided not to spend their money to be disappointed again.

I mean more power to Snyder if it works out, I got no dog in the fight and thought his previous DCEU films were fine. But I really doubt there was a masterpiece in his original JL vision and him announcing five million things he is going to cram into it doesn’t give me a ton of hope.

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I really enjoyed his dceu films and I think people want the alternative to the MCU films cause a lot of them have the same formula in storytelling in my opinion

As much as I liked his vision for the DC films, I think it’s pretty unlikely it will continue post JL. That being said, its success could jump start the Ray Fisher Cyborg project or encourage a bit more connectivity between future Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies (even though they both spun out of Batman v Superman and Justice League, WB has been treating them as totally separate properties thus far).