DC + zombie related storyline? YES! I got issue one when it first released and got hooked, I need all 6 issues now lol, but I’m excited to get issue 2!

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Tell me more!! :smiley:
I was gonna wait on it until I heard more about the premise :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the first issue, but that’s enough for me.

#2 comes out tomorrow for those interested.

The first issue crashed the mode! Can’t wait for number 2

I’m with Vroom, read #1 no interest in anymore.

Issue 2 is much more interesting
Good characterization.


The Major Players are here.

There is one big death and a maybe because chatacter moves way too fast while other pointing gun. Shoot already dont talk.

Also one replacement and another possible.

I have a feeling this will be a love it or hate it series. Seeing heroes zombified does not interest me. Marvel took that half butt idea and drove it into the ground. Probably will give a try here a year from now.

Hi y’all! Just letting you know I’ll be moving this over to the Comic Books section in a little bit so it can get the attention it deserves! :slight_smile: