So, I’ve been hearing a lot about this story and I just want to know if this is a mini series that is ending? I ask because I just saw a trailer for graphic novel collection of issues 1-6 and wanted to know if there will be more or if they are ending with 6 issues

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It’s meant to be a separate miniseries in its own continuity. The ending does leave the door open for a potential sequel, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. For now, it’s totally its own thing

Just like they did with white knight. I think this will also get a sequel because its very popular

I would be so surprised if they didn’t do a sequel. The amount of copies this book sold when the 1st issue was released was insane! I don’t think DC was expecting it to be as big as it was. The sequel could definitely pick up from where it ended. I think this was my 2nd favorite run of the year. Deathstroke being first. :slight_smile:

There’s this…

I haven’t read it yet so I have no idea what happens but I do know it’s a different set of Heroes on the same story line.

I can’t find anythinf about when or even if there will be an Issue 2…but…

There’s this:

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Heres my six all Mattina variants i liked it and these covers are sick so my friend made me this custom frame

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That is AWESOME!

My DCeased wall:

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I have the A Covers as well for the stacks.

Are they ever going to put them on the app or should I just buy them? They look super amazing!