DCeased?! Why Have I Not Read It Until Now?!?

Dark Knights: Metal and everything associated with it was of absolutely zero interest to me, and for a while when the DC Universe was all about Metal-I spent much more time on Marvel Unlimited and Comixology reading old favs and discovering new titles-so I really missed DCeased when it first came out. I remember seeing the title at my Comic Book Store (The Deep in Huntsville, AL), but just walked by…now I see what a mistake that was. This series has everything I have hoped DC would do–dark, dirty stories where the magicians battle gods and Zombies. Heros die and a new generation takes over their mantle!!! I am so happy that I clicked on DCeased and stated the reading adventure. Hate that I missed being part of if when it came out–but makes me glad I have my DC Universe app and reinforces that I need to keep my subscription.


Yup, been finding a lot of good series through the staff picks. Definitely worth keeping the app just to get to discover new/old hidden gems.


Amazing series! :heart_eyes: collecting the Trades right now! Need the most recent!

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I’ll be honest, I really passed on it because the Zombie thing has been done to un-death at this point. (and it was never my thing in the first place.)